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How to Organize a Memorable Family Vacation – 5 Tips

Our hectic lifestyles can sometimes get the best of us, often causing us to feel drained and overwhelmed. Fortunately, heading on to a family vacation is sometimes all it takes to get away from the mundane and catch a well-deserved break. Below, a couple of tips that will help you get started on planning and organizing a memorable, fun and amazing family vacation during these difficult times:

1. Ask around

Not sure where you and your family should vacation next? Whether you’re planning an awesome family ski holiday or an idyllic beach getaway, the best way to find out about some of the best places to visit is by word of mouth. If you have friends or family who like to travel, chances are, they know some great vacation spots that they can recommend to you, so don’t shy away from asking around before booking your vacation.

Not only will they offer insight and give you some useful tips, but they’ll probably also share their top recommendations regarding hotels, restaurants, and tours. Alternatively, you can check out some travel blogs and reviews online, or simply search Instagram for your next vacation destination using the hashtag #travel to get some inspiration.

2. Find a great travel deal and book early

Aside from finding the perfect travel destination for your family vacation and trying to get everyone on board with the decision, you should also look for ways to save money while traveling. Travel deal sites often offer great deals on everything from flights to car rentals to hotels and activities, which makes them a helpful tool when booking vacations, allowing you to get the most bang for your travel buck.

Given how traveling can get pretty expensive, especially when you’re traveling with kids, it’s best to do your research beforehand and check out different travel sites. It’s all a matter of timing, so your safest bet is to act quickly and book early.

3. Plan your itinerary

After doing your research and gathering information about the place you’ve decided to head to, it’s time to start planning your itinerary. Although this will largely depend on how long you’re planning on staying, you still need to have a proper itinerary to stick to.

Since it’s a family vacation, you want to get all your family members involved in the process and have them contribute in one way or another. Make sure that your itinerary includes a couple of must-see attractions but also try to immerse your family in another country’s culture by looking for opportunities to engage with locals.

Finally, remember to factor in all the different needs and interests of your family when travel planning. That being said, don’t overdo it and schedule too many sights, otherwise your trip may end up feeling overwhelming rather than fun and relaxing.

4. Have fun together enjoying different activities

The type of activities you select can either make or break your family vacation, and you want to make sure that your choice appeals to everyone. Activities will largely depend on your destination as well as the weather there. Cold weather destinations such as Breckenridge in Colorado and Londonderry in Vermont are ideal for winter recreation, from snowboarding to skiing to slaloming.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to escape the cold and enjoy some sunny weather and outdoor activities, booking an Arizona getaway in Phoenix or Scottsdale could be a great choice for your family vacation. For some fun outdoor recreation, check out some of the best Scottsdale Arizona golf packages that are being offered. It’s an easy and affordable way to treat your whole family to a completely customized VIP experience, ensuring everything from luxury lodging to exclusive amenities to unlimited play for your loved ones.

5. Create memories

Vacations are the perfect opportunities to create some lasting memories and really bond with your family members. When you think about it, time goes by so fast, and before you know it, your children are all grown up and having kids of their own. Family vacations are truly one-of-a-kind opportunities to capture something precious that you can cherish for years to come.


For that to happen, you need to prepare in advance and make sure you have enough storage as well as battery on your camera or your phone, depending on what you’re planning on using. If that still somehow happens, you can always hire a photographer and have them snap some professional photos of your family. Not only will these look great when you get back and start sharing photos on your social media, but you’ll also capture some precious moments and make those vacation memories infinite.

Wrapping up

We all need a bit of downtime every once in a while, and taking a trip with your family members is one of the best ways to take a break from your everyday routine and bond with your loved ones, even if it’s just for a couple of days. With these tips in mind, you can make your next family vacation the most memorable one yet.

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