5 Lean Principles

Everything You Must Know About Lean Management

Lean is a management philosophy that promotes a culture of consistent efficiency to maximise value and removal of the waste. Removal of waste enhances the quality of the product and services, which benefits the customers.

Lean is generally a customer-oriented philosophy and besides the improvised quality of the end product, the customer also experiences good customer service and support. A business that aims for customer satisfaction, is always seeking for various modes to delight the customers by delivering the right product and services.

Lean Methodology consists of 5 principles also known as 5S Lean Management. Read till the end for a better understanding:

What is Lean?

Lean Methodology is a method of streamlining the resource, people and energy and creating better value for the customers.  Myriad organisations in today’s competitive world look for ways to become more promising in the marketplace.

5 Lean Principles

How Lean Philosophy work?

Lean manufacturing is a consistently evolving effort that demands cooperation and participation from all the levels of the organisation. There are myriad strategies for removal of wastage in a production process.  It is all about empowering people at all level of an organisation to analyse and reduce waste. A satisfied and contented customer will make any business function efficiently.

Removal of wastage and defects saves additional money which should be invested in the quality improvement and great quality products assure the company of higher profits.  Competition in today’s global market place is nerve-wracking. This business improvement philosophy emphasises the true needs of the customer by eliminating waste to be built into the system.

If the lean principles are properly executed in an organisation, the financial benefits it will accrue will be significant. Businesses embracing lean manufacturing tools methodology will realise considerable benefits. The business improvement philosophies apply a number of uncomplicated concepts and tools to reduce wastage in all supply chain activities.

Why Implement Lean?

Organisations today strive on to do more with less, in order to establish a strong foothold in today’s economy. Lean consultancy firm supports business cut down on waste and improve performance. Since lean is a business improvement philosophy once the lean consultant figures out how the business runs and what are its long term goals, the lean expert makes recommendations and implement a program to overhaul process and cut costs.

Lean Principles

Lean assists the business in identifying the following kinds of waste

  • Transportation
  • Motion
  • Waiting
  • Work in process
  • Overproduction
  • Extra processing
  • Failure due to inactive participation of the employees in the process and fully utilise their talent productively.

By constantly and unceasingly eliminating wastage, we can slow down excessive cost and increase margin. Lean, implemented adequately, enables a business to be more adaptable to changes.

Pondering how to implement lean? A business will require time, hard work to build a workable and effective lean program.

Embrace a culture of Experimentation

Lean is applicable to all types of organisations irrespective of their size. In a traditional working environment, there is a preconceived notion that failure represents a waste of time, energy and money as well.  The lean methodology even embraces failure as a good opportunity for success and growth.

Efficiency is one thing that an organisation regularly needs to check.

An ideal manufacturing system can be attained with the adequate implementation of lean elements and a series of implementation tasks.

Areas of successful implementation of lean elements:

  • Scheduling
  • Value stream mapping
  • Bottleneck process
  • Inventory
  • Production levelling
  • Standardized source

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