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Top 6 Laptop Apps for Hydroponic Gardening

Usually, you might require considerable skill to carry out hydroponic gardening. However, it is great to know that the advent of technology has made it an easy task. There are hydroponic gardening laptop applications available to help you plant, supervise and care for the needs of your plants.

To get the best results out of your plants, you will need to take note of factors such as pH levels of the soil, nutrient solution, lighting, etc. Also, you might need to consider symptoms, potential diseases, and plant pests. Hydroponic Gardening Laptop Apps can help you do all these saving you the stress.

The following is a list of the top hydroponic gardening apps for laptops you can consider adding to your toolbox:

1. Perfect Hydroponics

If you are not akin to documenting information, then the Perfect Hydroponics is an app you will be interested in. It functions as a tool for documentation to keep a record of the progress of your garden. It provides you with tools to carefully document every aspect of your garden.

Information such as the time of applying a foliar spray to the time of recording data on your reservoir can be kept with this app. Also, with this app, you can have information stored for about 6 different gardens at the same time which is quite impressive, allowing you to easily track results and developments simultaneously as time progresses.

With the Lite version of the app, you have the opportunity to document each of the 6 gardens for up to 7 days. Some other notable features of the app include:

  •       Documentation of either positive or negative changes to your plant
  •       A daily documentation of the health of your plants throughout the garden cycle.
  •       Documentation of any nutrient deficiencies or plagues and the steps are taken to cure them
  •       Documentation of your garden size and the quantity of produce
  •       Documentation of the day and night temperature, relative humidity and Carbon dioxide intake over the entire garden cycle.

2. MQ Greenthumb

The MQ Greenthumb app converts your laptop into a meter for measuring the extent to which your plants are receiving adequate light to bloom. This app also gives some great tips for plant growing, data and information particular to normal house plants.

The readings when measured are given in foot-candles which is a popular measure of the intensity of light present in a specific area.

The MQ GreenThumb is a useful tool for almost all types of growers and in indoor gardening, situations to give a measurement of the light levels. It proves to be more reliable than the regular hand-show test and less expensive compared to purchasing a light meter.

hydroponic apps for laptop

Also, this is an app for carrying out your gardening projects from the beginning to the end. It helps you choose the best location for your plants after considering exposure to the sun plus it contains a wide database of plant information you can save to a clipboard.

However, this app is currently only available to Apple laptop users such as a MacBook and can be purchased from iTunes.

3. GroLog by Grodan

This laptop app works as a multi-garden aide that helps you keep a record of the progress of each garden by selecting the kind of data you want to track. Using GroLog, monitoring of information you want for several gardening systems will be done easily. You’ll be able to take note of data such as nutrient solutions, lighting settings, and room temperature including taking photos to determine the progress of your system.

One interesting feature that comes with this app is the chance of setting up a schedule plan for your garden to get timely reminders for things you need to do after scheduling them. For instance, the app can remind you of watering the plants, adding fertilizers or any other necessary tasks to ensure their growth.

Also, with this app, you can receive comprehensive reports that can be emailed or printed directly from the app. The GroLog app does not share any information, data or pictures entered in it.

4. The Plant Doctor

Plant Health issues are one of the most challenging aspects involves gardening. Your plants may be constantly attacked by pests or might be faced with disease infestation. Placing your plants in a dark room or area might also lead to health issues. Sometimes, it might be difficult to tell the problem which makes the Plant Doctor a very helpful app.

The Plant Doctor app is essentially useful for improving the health of the plant and also helps you identify options for plant stress treatment. It gives solutions such as watering, lighting and nutrient levels.

By answering some questions, this app helps determine the issues with your garden. Once you get the answers you need, you’ll be able to come up with a solution to fight against the issues diagnosed as recommended by the app.

The app can be downloaded for free and comes with a library of pathogens that can be filtered by species of plants, bacteria, fungus, viruses and weather reports.

According to an expert from the Soil Science Institute of Leibniz in Hanover in Germany, the Plant doctor app is very reliable to be used as a detection tool. Also, users can discuss issues related to crop health with the online community and have access to weather reports.

5. HID Gardener

The design of this handy application is for indoor gardeners. With HID Gardener, you stand a chance of monitoring about 20 different aspects of your growing environment and document this for up to 120 growing days.

You’ll be able to have a detailed overview of your growing efforts as a whole through a graph that displays a large portion of the grow room you have documented. There is also an aspect of the app that allows you to take daily notes.

6. Garden Compass

If you are battling pests and plant diseases, the Garden compass is one app you should try using. What you just need to take a photo of the issues or problems your plant is facing, submit through the app. A specialized group of horticultural experts is on the ground to identify such issues and provide ways to resolve them through detailed feedback.

According to reports by users, most queries are answered within a maximum of 24 hours. This makes the Garden Compass app stand out.


There are apps for almost anything nowadays and the world of Horticulture is not any different. If you enjoy gardening and you own a laptop, then this hydroponic gardening apps will help you get the best out of your plants.

From the stage of taking records of the effort involved in growing plants to detecting diseases and pests, some apps can help you achieve this and relieve you of the stress of doing it manually.

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