6 Essential Elements For Healthy Gums

Our mouth is the very first organ of our digestive system. Therefore ensuring good dental health is a crucial factor to enhance overall health and wellness. Unfortunately, dental health is a commonly neglected area by most people.

Good hygiene and proper nutrition play a vital role in dictating your dental health. It will also ensure you are free from diseases, infections, and ailments. Here are six essential elements for healthy gums that you need to include in your everyday lifestyle.


1. Enhance Protein Intake

Protein is a crucial nutrient to strengthen teeth and protect the gums. Lean protein sources like eggs, meat, poultry, dairy, fish are also rich in phosphorus, making them the perfect choice for enhanced dental health. Nuts, seeds, beans also contribute to ample proteins apart from inducing dietary fiber and vital minerals. The U.S. Soy export council suggests that the presence of amino acids helps eliminate plaque buildup and cavities.

Dairy products are also crucial for strong and healthy teeth. They are rich in calcium and contain casein protein that protects that mouth from acid released by bacteria.

2. Increase Fruits and Vegetables in Diet

Eating plant-based diet, such as raw vegetables, leafy greens, and fruits is an essential element for good gum health. Fresh fruits and vegetables, brimming with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, balance the sugar concentration in the mouth to reduce bacteria’s growth. Crunchy foods also increase saliva production in the mouth, helping to balance the mouth pH and wash away residue food particles.

Choose a colorful salad containing spinach, kale, broccoli, onions, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, mushrooms. These ingredients are ideal for reducing inflammation in the gums. They also possess anti-bacterial properties that can reduce plaque buildup. You can also enjoy a sugar-free smoothie made of berries and citrus fruits beneficial for dental wellness.


3. Minimize Sugar Intake

We all relish the delicious flavors of sugary drinks and desserts any time of the day. But sugar is the leading cause of increasing dental problems across the world. Increased sugar levels in the mouth promote harmful bacteria that can cause decay, cavities, and gum infections. Switching to a low sugar diet can thus turn out beneficial for gum health.

Snack on sugar-free, wholesome foods rich in a variety of nutrients. Avoid consuming sticky or sugary treats such as gummy bears and candies. Ensure you brush immediately after eating them to reduce the chances of infection. Chew fibrous, crunchy fruits and vegetables instead of sugar-filled gum.

If you wish to enjoy a sweet treat, include it with a regular meal as the increased saliva present in the mouth will wash away the excess sugar.

4. Improve Dental Hygiene

Gum diseases are preventable by maintaining proper dental hygiene. Following the right process to ensure good dental hygiene. Brush twice a day, especially after a meal. The food trapped between the teeth and the gums could increase acids that could erode the teeth and cause cavities. Switch to a new toothbrush every two months to ensure the bristles are in good shape for proper cleaning. Use a fluoride-rich toothpaste that is capable of preventing gingivitis and other dental problems.


Don’t skip flossing. While brushing can only remove a small percentage of the food deposits, flossing helps eliminate the residues stuck in the mouth’s tight spots. Typically flossing at night is useful as it helps remove the food debris from the whole day before you go to sleep. Invest in a therapeutic mouthwash that is beneficial to reduce bacterial growth in the mouth.

5. Drink Water

An effective way to enhance gum health is to drink plenty of water. Water helps to flush the mouth and balance the pH to reduce bacteria and other microorganisms that could induce infections. After a meal, swishing water helps to remove food debris stuck between the teeth or in the gums that could potentially cause cavities. You can utilize fluoridated water apart from brushing and flossing to create a barrier on the gums and teeth that prevents the intensity of acid attacks.

Another way water can improve dental health is by acting as a healthier substitute for sugary drinks. Replacing sugar brimming processed drinks and sodas with a fresh glass of water will protect your mouth from cavities, decays, and sensitive teeth.

6. Go For Regular Dental Cleaning

One of the most common problems that lead to gum issues is failing to visit your dentist regularly. Visiting at least once every six months for a regular check-up can be an effective way of elevating your gum health. A routine examination followed by a clean-up helps to remove plaque, tartar from the gums and teeth. It also provides a scope to identify problems such as cavities or infections in the gum at an early stage, reducing the need for complex procedures or surgeries for recovery.


The ideal frequency for a check-up may vary based on your general dental hygiene, history of dental problems or infections, nutrition, age. You can consult your dentist to identify the appropriate frequency to schedule a clean up for the best benefits.


A balanced diet combined with good dental hygiene habits can have a powerful impact on your dental health. Avoid habits such as smoking and go for regular dental check-ups to identify and resolve problems at the earliest. This way, you can flaunt a fabulous smile effortlessly.

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