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Brush Up on Oral Health Tips for Children’s Dental Health Month

For a dental visit, what is the right time for my kid? This is the concern for a large number of parents. If you want to focus on the oral health of your child then you need to start just when his teeth come. On the first birthday or on the first tooth of your child you need to set up a dental home for them. This has been recommended by the American Association of Pediatric Dentists.

Now you can ask a number of questions form the dentist to identify if there is any oral problem that is present in the mouth of your child. After examining the mouth of your child, the dentist will inform you if there is any problem in your child’s mouth. If teething starts in your kid’s mouth, then the preventive measures will be suggested by the dentist after complete examination.

Protecting tiny teeth

For the permanent teeth of your child the space can be saved by the baby teeth. For up to 10 years these remain in the mouth of your child. The smiling, chewing and speaking of your kids can get affected because of these. The overall health quality of a child can be indicated by the baby teeth. The oral infections can occur if tooth decay is left untreated. Serious health issues can occur if it enters the child’s blood. Because of this the adult teeth that are new can also get infected by the bacteria.

oral health tips for kids

In the oral hygiene routine of your child an important part is played by brushing. But even toothbrushes are not reachable in various areas of the teeth. There is a possibility of tooth decay in those areas because of the bacteria. So, along with brushing, flossing is equally important for your kids.

Sometimes the tooth decay from baby bottles occurs in young children and in infants. After consuming the sugary liquid, it happens to your child. It is because the sugar is consumed by the mouth’s bacteria. During this process the acid gets produced in the teeth of your child. Because of the continued exposure to the acid, tooth decay can occur in the baby teeth. After drinking sweetened liquids like soda, fruit juice, formula and sweetened milk this condition occurs. During your kid’s sleeping time fill water in the bottle so that he can sleep with the bottle and can remain safe also.

Expert Advice for Parents

A childhood disease that has become so chronic is the tooth decay in early childhood. ADA says that at the time of reaching the Kindergarten, tooth decay occurs in around 40 % children or more than this. Because of dental pain chances of the kids missing the school are three times more. All this happens as a result of the poor oral health of the kids.

For tackling this epidemic of oral health some steps are taken by the State of Pennsylvania. Prior to enrollment in the school a dental examination is necessary for each child. In the 7th grade and in the 3rd grade also this examination is necessary. In the mouth of your child larger problems can occur because of small cavities if you don’t go for checking up your kid’s mouth every six months.

Maintaining oral health of your child

For keeping the smiles of your children healthy you need to follow a number of tips:

  • Go with your kids for their regular check-ups. If you have not done it for 6 months then visit a dental clinic immediately.
  • Everyday cleaning of the gums of your baby is necessary. After feeding, you have to remove the harmful bacteria from the gums of your baby and for this you need to take a damp washcloth and wipe the gums of your child gently. You have to do this until the teeth come
  • When the first tooth of the baby comes, do brushing. Use very little fluoride paste and water for doing this.
  • Daily 2 minutes brushing of your kid’s teeth is necessary. The fluoride toothpaste in the amount of a pea size is necessary for a 2 to 6 years old kid.
  • The right time of flossing your child’s teeth is when his teeth start touching.
  • Feed your kids healthy food. Avoid sugary foods and sweetened drinks.
  • After 3 months, go for replacing the toothbrush of your child.

For keeping the oral health of my kid good I will take him to the dental hospital near me.

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