Top 6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Gaskets

A gasket is a type of seal used to fill the space between two mating surfaces. Gaskets are common components in industries that deal with the transportation of substances. Gasket sealing helps in the prevention of leakages when transporting any substance, from gases, liquids and solids. The choice of the type of gasket to use is, however, different for every industry, depending on the circumstance. The type of gasket you choose for a specific industry will largely depend on a range of variables. Below are some of the factors you should consider when buying the right gasket for your job.

1. Environment

The environment of the place where you intend to use the gasket is an essential factor to consider. Industrial gaskets are made of different materials, and some may not withstand extreme environments. For example, you can only use high-temperature gaskets when dealing with hot systems like the exhaust system. Most of the standard materials gaskets such as paper and plastic cannot withstand the temperature, meaning a metallic gasket is the only options for such a job as it can withstand up to 1000 degree centigrade.

The same principle applies in a frigid environment like when transporting natural gas that needs to be liquefied and cooled before transportation. Here you can only use cryogenic sealing. Another major factor to consider apart from temperature is pressure. Projects involving high pressure also need special considerations when choosing the right gasket.


2. Application

Most people forget to change their gaskets as the application changes. Your current gasket may not serve you well if you change the application. For example, you need to start using gas seals if the component seals you were using earlier better suited solid materials. A gas seal is specially built to prevent gas leakages in a manner that a typical gasket cannot.

3. Regulations

Sometimes, some of the factors that you have to consider are beyond your control. The government can sometimes have regulations that control the use of seals and gaskets. These regulations aim to protect the public from some of the harmful substances used in industrial gaskets. A good example is a regulation for the elimination of asbestos in gaskets due to its carcinogenic properties. These regulations might inconvenience your choice of a gasket, but compliance with the regulations is far much better.

Most of these regulations are majorly introduced in food production to protect the consumer. For example, you may have to use adhesives to stick the gasket in the right position during installation, but you should ensure that the adhesive is use is safe for human food.

4. Wear and Tear

Wear and tear are inevitable, but it is also important to consider that no one wants a gasket that will not serve them for a considerable time. The use of high-quality gaskets increases your ROI through the lower maintenance cost. You should first understand your situation to choose gaskets that will serve you for long.


5. Chemical Compatibility

The chemical composition of the substances that the gasket will come into contact with is also a factor to consider. If you choose a gasket that reacts with the substance, there is a high probability that the reaction will contaminate the content or compromise the integrity of your seal. A damaged gasket leads to leaks or worse scenarios that can lead to health hazards and losses.

6. Flange Design

You also have to consider the flange design when selecting the right gasket for the job. For example, you cannot use a gasket material that requires sealing with high bolt loads if you have fragile flange materials like glass, plastic and FRP. The flange design is also a factor to consider as you are required to ensure that the seals are flush and that they do not leak.

Parting Words

The list of factors to consider when choosing the best gasket for your job is long, but this article has only covered six of them. Every job has its unique needs, and you should consider them independently. There are also different types and quality levels of gaskets available in the market, thus making it important to choose wisely to carry out the job safely, and the finished projects serves its purpose.

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