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How To Resolve The Canon Printer Offline Mac Issue

There are a lot of queries from the Mac users recently that they are not able to install the Canon printer on their systems. It is regularly showing the Canon printer is offline Mac. Now, how are they going to resolve this issue? What steps are they going to take in order to resolve it?

Here in this article today we are going to learn the steps through which we will be able to resolve the issue. Whenever a user is going to try to print something, they are going to face this issue. They are going to face an error saying the canon printer offline.

In this guide, we will be exploring the ways in which we will be able to fix the canon printer offline issue.

What you need to do at the start is to start with the basic troubleshooting steps for Canon printers. You need to see after every step that if your printer is now online to save time.

Here is how to resolve the Canon printer offline mac issue:

Check the connections

The first thing that you need to do is to check the connectivity of your printer. Make sure that the printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network as sometimes a poor connection or no connection at all is what is causing the issue in the first place.

canon printer offline mac

What you can do for the starters is to check the wired connection. This is going to let you know whether the issue is with the internet or the issue is something else. If your router did not come back online after the wired connectivity, then you need to try the wireless connectivity.

Remove every other connected partner

When you have connected more than one printer with your system, then this could be a reason why your Mac says printer is Offline. You might get confused with the names which are why you might be facing this issue.

Make sure that you are using a particular printer with your mac, you need to disconnect all the other printers in order so that you might not face the issue.

Restart the printer

Most of the time, when you are facing this error, this issue can be resolved by the most basic step for troubleshooting. What you need to do is to troubleshoot the printer.

In order to troubleshoot the printer, make sure that you are plugging all the wires out and then waiting for at least a minute. After a minute, plug all the wires back in and then start the printer again.

When the printer is started again, see to it whether the issue is still there or not. In most cases, this step is going to resolve the issue. If you do not see the issue resolved, then move to the next step.

Add the printer again

If there is any update on the Mac that you have installed on the Mac, then the existing applications might get affected. It can also get difficult for you when you are going to see any change but are not able to detect it.

So how are you going to resolve this issue? Well, re-adding the printer may help resolve the issue. What you need to do is to remove it first and then add it in order to resolve the issue.


Follow these steps in order to get resolve the canon printer is Offline Mac Issue. If you still see the issue residing in your printer, then get in touch with the canon printer support.

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