8 Advantages of Moving to the Suburbs

One of the most important decisions that you will make in life is where to settle down. Both city and suburban living have their advantages. However, the benefits of suburban living tend to get overlooked. There are even a few misconceptions. But, no worries. We are here to clear them up. It is important to understand the overall benefits before you decide if moving to the suburbs is the right choice for you. So, here are a few important reasons why ditching the fast-paced city life might be a great idea.

Benefits of moving to the suburbs

The ultimate goal for all of us is to find a place to settle in which will improve our overall lifestyle. Consequently, here is how the suburbs can help you save money, improve the balance between work and home life and so much more.

Suburban living will give you a chance to be more oriented towards your family and to provide them better living conditions.


1. Superb school systems

It is well known that schools in the suburbs tend to provide a higher quality of education than schools in the city. Of course, there are a few exceptions here and there. Generally speaking, kids in suburbia tend to get a superior education in comparison to those in the city. For parents, there is no better investment in their kids’ future than making sure they get the best possible education.

2. Sense of belonging to a community

In the city, the tenancy rollover is very high. It seems that your neighbors are changing faster than you can remember their names. Not to mention people in the city aren’t as friendly as in the suburbs. Moving to the suburbs will give you a chance to connect with your neighbors.

If you always wished to live in a place where there is a sense of belonging and community, the suburbs will be a great option for you and your family. Suburban residents tend to be very tight-knit. People are more inclined to lean on each other and to help each other. It is even very common for neighbors to have each other’s house keys. In the city, you would rarely experience such a scene.

3. Enjoy the nature and the greenery

Of course, there are green surfaces in the city. In some big cities, there are even countless parks and other wooded areas. However, it can be hard to enjoy them with all the traffic noise and crowds. In the suburbs, you will be able to feel nature as soon as you cross your doorstep.


Finally, you will be able to enjoy nature on your own property. Your pets and kids can play in the yard, while you keep an eye on them from your porch or window. But, wait! There is more. Having such an outdoor space will give you a chance for gardening. Fresh veggies and fruits from your own garden are exactly what your family needs. This will help you become more earth-conscious.

You will finally have a chance to enjoy nature by just leaving your house and entering your garden or yard.

4. More space for your buck

One of the biggest advantages when moving to the suburbs is real estate prices. Rental prices are substantially lower than in the city. The same goes for properties that are on sale. You might end up spending the same amount of money on your home, but you will get significantly more space.

Your home can have that extra bathroom you always wanted, or your kids will each have their own room. Just name your wish! They are much more likely to come true in the suburbs than in the city. Also, we must mention the extra storage space that you will have. You can finally ditch all the storage solutions that you just had to use in your overcrowded apartment.

5. Cost of living

Moving to the suburbs might not be inexpensive. Yet, it certainly is not pricey like living in a big city. Grocery prices are significantly lower in the suburbs. Plus, you can start shopping in bulk since you finally have the space for it. When you add lower grocery prices and a lower mortgage payment or rent, it already adds up to a lot of saved dollar bills.


However, one expense that you will not be able to avoid is a car. In the city, you can function without one and depend on public transportation to get around. This will certainly not be the case when relocating to a white picket fence haven. Living without a car will not cut it.

6. You will look forward to your commute

In every big city, public transportation is overcrowded and chaotic. Commuting to the city from the suburbs might be longer, but it will be more enjoyable. Trains and buses are less crowded and much more comfortable. You will be able to enjoy your favorite music, read a book, or jump-start your workday by answering a few emails.

7. Move to the suburbs with the help of professional movers

You might be looking forward to your new life in suburbia, but you surely aren’t looking forward to moving to the suburbs. The actual move can be a nightmare just like any other relocation. Still, there is a way to turn your move into a breeze.

All you need to do is hire a moving company. Moving professionals are experienced and skilled. They can cover all your needs and then some. You can sleep like a baby before your move, knowing that you will waltz through moving day. If you are about to start your search for the best possible movers, begin by contacting Miami Movers for Less.

8. Improve your and your family’s quality of life

Now you know that there are many benefits that you can reap when living in the suburbs. Having a white picket fence and a nice home is only the beginning. It all trickles down to improving your family’s quality of life. That should be your number one motivation when moving to the suburbs. After all, nothing is more important than your family and their wellbeing.

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