5 Pro Packing Tips to Make Your Moving Easier

Congratulations for your new house! Now it’s time to discover a few pro tips for packing without breaking your fragile items or your back. The best approach while packing for a move is to first collect the moving supplies you will need like house moving boxes and then go category wise till everything is done.

While moving is not easy for even the best of planners, fortunately we have some amazing pro packing tips that can help you pack and unpack faster, lessen the workload and ultimately make the moving process smoother than it can otherwise. Sounds good? It is as true and good as it sounds. Try the below mentioned hacks yourself and figure out some creative ways to ease your move.

1. Get Rid of Unused Items

The more unnecessary and unused items you remove from your house, the less items you will have to pack, haul across, unpack and organize. It is our definite recommendation to clear any clutter from your house as soon as you decide that you’ll be moving.

Detach your feelings with your stuff. Donate those items that you haven’t used or worn for months or even years. Doing a substantial initial purge will make your entire packing process more efficient and easier.

2. Categorize Things

Rather than spending a whole day in cleaning your bedroom, spend a few hours in sorting out every piece of clothing you possess.

Scour laundry room, every coat closet, and dirty clothes hamper, until you get all your articles in one place. Then categorize.


Do the same thing with your important papers, books, accessories, shoes and the likes. For flimsy things always use bubble wrap rolls as it provides cushioning and avoids damage.

3. Label Your Boxes

Label each & every box you pack. It might be easy and quite tempting to skip this step but believe us it’s worth your time.

When you’ll move into your house, labelling will make it easier for the movers to place your boxes where they exactly should be.

And yes do not wait until the end, label each box as soon as you finish packing it up.

4. Research Moving Companies

Research is no fun at all! Google will swamp you with sheer amount of choices for moving companies to hire, though do not give in to the pressure & go with the first best ratings you see.


It’s always important to hire the services of right moving company as it can either make or break your entire moving experience. The more you try to find a professional company with outstanding customer service, the less trouble you will have on the day of moving.

5. Finish Up Well in Advance

Almost all human beings are terrible procrastinators. We push off things we don’t want or like to do until the very last day or even minute. Hence we highly recommend you to start packing at least a couple of weeks before your move.

Simply force yourself to minimum 1 hour of packing a day, that way you will slowly and steadily chip it away.

Our greatest priority is to make sure that all your items reach their destination safely. The two layers of our double wall cardboard boxes helps in retaining the shape of your items while shipping and offers high durability and strength over single wall cardboard boxes. Hacks of moving are all about making everything just a little bit easier for you. Follow the tips mentioned above and you’ll see that moving this time wasn’t as hectic as you expected it to be.

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