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7 Common Myths About Medical Jewelry

Medical alert jewelry holds the ability to save your life. Food and drug allergies, medical conditions, emergency contacts as well as prescribed medicines can also be engraved onto the surface of your medical necklace or bracelet so that you always remain protected. The purpose of medical bracelets for women and men is to warn EMTs and paramedics to the patient’s particular allergic or medical condition at a point in time whenever they are going to administer the emergency treatment.

It is specifically important for those people whose illnesses may render them incapable of speaking as they can wear medical jewelry as well as the ones who are involved in the tragic incident like the car crash and can be unconscious when the ambulance arrives. The main aim is to get appropriate treatment for the patient without further delay, as well as to help in making sure that the person does not get any medication that he is allergic to.

In case you are planning to buy the medical jewelry, make sure to stay away from these 7 myths:

1. It is only required by a senior who lives alone

The main focus of medical jewelry is on those seniors who are living alone. However, the same risk is evident for those seniors who live with their family caregivers. There is no denying the fact that the caregiver is going to require the break, the senior citizen likes his/her afternoon naps, as well as eventually you will be required to leave the home. Now, this is where Medical bracelets for women and men come into the picture as they are made for assisting and care fast, round the clock.

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Anytime the person is alone, he requires the assurance of knowing that help is at hand. It is amazing that your Grandma/Grandpa or your parents don’t live alone, but is there somebody by their side all the time? In case your Grandpa lives with his caretaker, with Grandma, or with you, there will be a time when he is alone. The medical jewelry can be used by anyone to help him so that in case he is getting into any trouble while taking a walk in the park, he is offered immediate help.

2. Medical Jewelry is expensive

The safety of your loved one is undeniably significant for you, however with the children about to start their college, are you able to afford it? Would it burn a hole in your pocket? Fortunately, no. Medical jewelry is inexpensive for the seniors as the bracelets or necklaces cost you the same as a phone plan or an internet bill. With an extensive variety of items at cheaper rates, there is no way that you won’t get your loved one the perfect medical jewelry for their requirements.

Go online, choose a reliable online portal, make the purchase, and put the necklace or bracelet on the person. So, what are you waiting for? Gift that perfect Replacement chain necklace to your Grandma on her next birthday that will assure both, her security and happiness. Precisely, this is a small price to pay to make sure that your loved ones are always safe wherever they go. If you want, you can also go for the annual and monthly payment plans which offer absolute flexibility.

3. Medical jewelry is only for the seniors

One of the major misconceptions about medical jewelry is that they are only designed for elderly people. Yes, it is unquestionably senior-friendly, but anybody can utilize them, even that cute little pooch or kitty of yours. Amazing, right? The jewelry is designed for assisting people of every age group as well as for that 4-legged friend of yours.

Whether you are the 33-year old who has the risk of stroke or the 14-old year kid with a major heart condition, medical jewelry is always there to offer instant medical assistance to anybody. Even for the less intense cases, such as the 5-year old with the peanut allergy, you can use the same. It allows a wearer for having every piece of medical details conveniently accessible on his/her wrist. Hence this way, the first responders get an idea of exactly which type of treatment is important.

4. It is only needed by someone who has fallen

Always remember that the chances of a fall for the elderly seniors get increased with time. A lot of senior citizens do not wish to lose their freedom. Consequently, some caregivers and families don’t always realize that the fall has occurred. Through the Replacement chain necklace, you can make it a point that they are safe all the time as well as it also brings you that much-needed peace of mind.

It is great that your Grandpa is remaining independent as well as has not had any falls. However, the reality is that the dangers lurk in plain sight. Medical jewelry is a security measure that brings you comfort by always being ready for any unexpected situation. Nobody can predict that when the accident will take place and that is why you should think of it like car insurance. You would not be waiting until the accident has already taken place for getting insured but you buy it beforehand for ensuring the fact that you are covered even if something happens.

5. They do not have an attractive look

Some of the seniors feel that medical jewelry is the commencement of the end of their freedom. But, this is not at all true as it offers them more independence. For instance, in case Grandma is used to staying alone, she can do so with the help of a chic medical necklace always on her neck and go outdoors without having to be worried about her safety all the time. Medical jewelry is stylish and sleek. The necklaces and bracelets come in gold, silver, as well as in different designs. So, the person has several choices to complement her different attires.

Wearing medical jewelry is not the statement about losing independence, however, it is rather the fashion statement about comprehending the relevance of security. There are various options available as well as you can pick from medical alert lockets, interchangeable bracelets, dog tags, and charms etc. Regarding the same, many people opt for the interchangeable IDs as they make the users capable of changing the chain or strap of their locket or bracelet.

6. Cellphones are a much better alternative

Smartphones are best for staying in touch. However, you do not bring it with yourself everywhere you go. Now, this is where medical alert bracelets come into the picture. What if you fall in a public place and you do not have your phone? Well, in that case, you will be stuck without assistance until somebody comes forward from the crowd and lend you a helping hand. By just having a look at your medical alert jewelry and reading the information on it, the person will be able to understand your situation.

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This is the major reason why medical alert jewelry is a lot better as compared to cell phones. In case a person has a seizure while standing near a pool and drops his phone in it, how would he get the help? In a situation like this, medical jewelry proves to be the best option as the people around you can comprehend your situation and offer you the required help.

7. There are not many diseases you can wear medical jewelry for

Certainly wrong as there is the countless category of allergies and illnesses that you can wear the medical alert Necklace or bracelet for. Below-mentioned is the list of those medical conditions a person can wear medical jewelry for:

  • Seizure Disorder
  • Sickle Cell Anaemia
  • Glaucoma
  • Situs Inversus
  • Heart Valve Prosthesis
  • Hearing Impaired
  • Hypertension
  • Hemolytic Anaemia
  • Leukemia
  • Laryngectomy

Apart from these health disorders and illnesses, there are many other medical conditions you can purchase medical alert jewelry for.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are several misplaced views on medical alert jewelry for the seniors. Make sure to steer clear from them as they can get in your way as well as delay the relevant business of making the decision. Medical jewelry helps in protecting you and your loved ones from any outdoor as well as indoor emergencies. Addressing the misconception about medical alert jewelry is the first step towards making an informed decision.

There is a reason why medical jewelry has gained so much popularity in recent times as it over the years, it has saved a lot of lives. It has been a significant component due to its ability to provide the health conditions of an individual so that the first responders can offer him proper care. In the medical industry, medical alert jewelry is the most suitable device to acquire for you as well as your family. Security comes first with all ages and that is why it is important for setting aside the age factor in terms of contemplating the purchase of medical jewelry.

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