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Employee Recognition: 11 Things Managers Can Improve On

Employee recognition is a token of appreciation given to employees with outstanding and exemplary performance. The essence of which is for the other employees to imitate the best practices needed for the business to grow and cultivate. Most companies, if not all, eye for bonuses and raises, additional paid time off or a customized gift to appreciate their employees. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those as long as the gifts motivate them to work hard and build a good foundation for the company’s success. This article will give you an added information of what things to improve on in giving employee recognition.

1. Virtual recognition event

In this time of pandemic, it can be easier to just announce the outstanding performance of an employee virtually. You can set up a virtual corporate event showcasing the physical appearance and recognizing the top leaders and performers of each quarter. Acknowledge them in a way that they will be known by their colleagues, not just their friends at work.


2. Sincere gratitude and appreciation

A pat on the back, a congratulatory note or saying thank you are the simplest forms of showing sincere appreciation. You can also incorporate communication with recognition which means you want the recognition to be genuine not forced.

3. Appreciation boards

This board in particular is designed for positive criticisms and achievements of employees. Most companies still use the traditional green or white board to showcase top employees with all the pictures and scores in it.

You can actually improve employee communication in a modern way which will not force you to throw out boards and pens. Going digital can actually give new taste  to traditional employee communication channels and will make them more efficient.

4. Travel and Leisure

You wouldn’t want your employees to experience burn out because of too much work. It happens when your once productive employees become exhausted, tired and helpless both physically and mentally in the workplace. It is a psychological process and believed to  happen due to a prolonged period of stress or excessive work hours.

Allowing employees to go on a leave to travel and spend some leisure time with family is one of the most common incentives being given to top employees to prevent employee burnout and this actually works.


5. Recognize top performers during meetings

The first or last five-10 minutes of your staff meeting can be allotted for employee recognition. Make this time count by giving employees and managers the chance  to acknowledge  someone for a job well done.

6. Social media events

It can be in the form of  public recognition or live recognition on social media. Mention your top performers’ name and sincerely thank them for their outstanding contribution.

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7. Remote recognition

Acknowledge your employees who are doing remote work or work from home. Select a fun theme and ask everyone to dress up for prizes. Design virtual backgrounds that go with your theme and choose leaders to deliver speeches. It’s a fun, and easy way to forget work in a bit.

8. Introduce top performers to the higher ups

Escort your top employees and introduce them to the higher management especially if you belong to a large organization. Let the upper management team acknowledge who they are and praise their successes.

9. Forget numbers once in a while

Do not always focus on the quantitative output of your employees, praise them also for doing random acts of kindness and holistic contribution to your company

10. Monetary incentives

It is always a great idea to give financial recognition because money is the best motivator. Quotas can easily be reached and everyone is excited to work for every extra penny that you can give as reward. The best ones are the unpredictable amount equals output  and this surely  motivates people to work their best at all times.

11. Toast to Milestones

Celebrate with your  employees on their work anniversary and sincerely thank them for their utmost support, hard work and loyalty to your company. Any tangible gift like an umbrella, wristwatch or even a plaque of appreciation will do, you can even throw a group lunch or coffee date with everyone so as not to forget them on their work anniversary.

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Bottom Line

These are just some of the ways to show your employees that you value their hard work. Any of these insights can work perfectly with your organization. The recognition you will give to your employees should not only be about their accomplishments but their progress too.

Being recognized motivates employees and makes them realize that their company sees their worth and their contributions to the success of their team and the organization as a whole. It helps them build a sense of belonging, thus, encourages them to stay longer in their workplace and continue to do great work. With these basic tactics, employee engagement is totally secured.

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