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5 Healing Crystals To Improve Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is good for the mind, body, and soul. There are various yoga practices making it easy for everyone to choose on matching their particular needs and intentions. Yoga is a personal flexible practice and taking more measures makes it more intimate. Incorporating healing crystals in your yoga practice offers a more personalized experience. Here are 5 healing crystals for your yoga practice.

1. Amethyst

The exceptional versatility of this crystal makes it ideal for yoga. Amethyst has a calming aura to give you peace during yoga practice. This calming aura allows releasing feelings of resentment, anger, and anxiety that might be clouding your mind. Getting free from these feelings allows experience true engagement with yoga to give you inner peace and balance easily.

Place a giant amethyst on top of your yoga mat to retain serenity and focus throughout your practice. This crystal is for stability, peace, patience, clarity, and inner strength. Amethyst opens is responsible for opening and activating crown chakra to purify negative thoughts. Having this healing crystal nearby while meditating eliminates darkness while promoting intuition and boosting inner peace. Amethyst tumbled stones placed around a yoga mat serve a similar purpose.

2. Citrine

Before stepping on a yoga mat, having a particular purpose is necessary. Perhaps you need focus, mental clarity, or inner peace. Citrine is a great healing crystal to help you achieve the intended purpose. This has vibrant energy to give you the appropriate push to reach your goals. When looking forward to get healing crystals for sale, Citrine should be on top of your shopping list. This offers the necessary energy and passion spark to push on.

This healing crystal evokes feelings of determination and tenacity. Placing it on the yoga mat or creating an alter using a bowl filled with citrine crystals for gazing at during practice offers success. Some of the special features of this crystal include:

  • Joy
  • Wisdom
  • Peace
  • Success
  • Happiness
  • Abundance
  • Prosperity
  • Light-heartedness

Harness the power of this healing crystal to inspire optimist while boosting creativity. Its clarity, warmth, and inspiration will allow you to go through yoga drills much easier.

3. Hematite

When struggling to find balance during yoga practice, hematite is an ideal healing crystal. Various yoga poses focus on finding balance and peace internally and externally. This healing crystal has grounding energy to bring the focus back to the particular task while centering you to the earth. Hematite’s grounding energy offers the concentration needed to fully engage in yoga that follows through each pose.

This healing crystal activates the rook chakra to make you stay grounded. So, hematite is a great negative energy-absorbing talisman. The crystal has other benefits including:

  • Boosting concentration
  • Reducing stress or worry
  • Enhancing confidence and strength

When struggling to stand or balance poses, incorporating hematite in your yoga practice is a great idea.

4. Rose quartz

Yoga practice gives a sense of inner peace and overall wellbeing. Including rose quartz in your practice routine is necessary to exploit its tremendous peaceful aura. This healing crystal is among the best ones for yoga practice for its unconditional love. It makes the crystal a great source of tranquillity and peace. Ensure to keep rose quartz on your yoga mat to let it take you into a relaxed state.

healing crystals yoga

Alternatively, you can wear a necklace with rose quartz during yoga practice or place tumbled rose quartz stones nearby. This healing crystal will open your heart chakra to various forms of love. You can use this soothing and calming stone to enhance self-esteem, balance emotions, and eliminate guilt. The most significant thing is to have this crystal handy while doing compassion-focused meditating and heart-opening backbends.

5. Clear quartz

This is another form of quartz to include in yoga practice for its peace and mental clarity. Do you frequently find your mind wandering when trying to keep a free pose? Consider including clear quartz crystals during yoga practice. This healing crystal enhances energy flow to make you reach optimal spiritual awareness.

Achieving this is very important for yoga practice to allow you to set and achieve goals throughout the session. The healing crystal allows achieving more mindful meditation which is extremely useful for Shavasana. With the features highlighted above, clear quartz is a great crystal to be part of your yoga practice.

Ways to use healing crystals during yoga practice include:

  • Placing around your yoga mat
  • Wearing a crystal pendant
  • Using small crystals for divination
  • Carrying a crystal during Shavasana
  • Putting the crystals in your mediation altar


Regular yoga practice is great for your body and overall wellbeing. There are various ways to do yoga and it is important to select one ideal for you. Ensure to back this up by including healing crystals such as citrine, rose or clear quartz, and amethyst. Keeping these crystals handy or nearby to enhance your yoga experience through better relaxation and inner peace of mind. Ensure to keep your healing crystals away from the sun so they don’t lose their color.

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