8 Things to Consider When Buying a Carpet

Purchasing carpets for your home is one of the appealing things to do, especially if you love to dazzle your home in front of your guests. On the flip side, finding a perfect one is challenging, and sometimes it can shatter all your dreams. Hence, it’s vital to spend some time choosing the right carpet for your abode.

We do have some solutions and techniques to help you make the correct decision. For that, you need to read the complete blog because we’ve jotted down eight factors, which you need to bear in mind while making a carpet purchase.

1. Research, research, and research

A lot of times, homeowners rush to buy a carpet for their homes; in this hurry, they tend to make some common mistakes. That could be misinterpreting the material, overlooking the colour palette, and sometimes going for too cheap products. Hence, as a customer, it is mandatory to research these aspects first and then go ahead to shop.

how to lay a carpet

As the interior design industry is booming, carpet manufacturers in the market are available in a troupe (online and offline, both). So, with so many dealers selling the carpets, you must take the research aspect as essential.

2. Face value is not everything

The first thing we get to see is the carpets’ exterior look, and thus, many people tend to get caught up in the attractive appearance net. Unfortunately, that’s the scariest thing you can ever do while shopping the carpet. Quality should be top on your goal list.

Here quality means the fabric and its thickness in which you’re investing. Based on its usage in every room, you should buy a carpet. For instance, when you go out to buy the one for the kitchen, you need to check whether or not it can take spills and stains on it. If you’ve got the wrong material carpet, then it will cost you loads.

3. Put money in underpad

Most people think that buying carpets is enough for the floors while others decide to cut corners on underpadding. Absolutely wrong! Of course, they have nothing to do with the aesthetics, but it is still essential for its long-lasting life. The underpad is vital for your safety and comfort as the tire under your car, mattress on your bed, and heart in your body is necessary.

Underpadding will protect you or your kids from falling off while running around; also acts as a shield for your floors. Along with this, it gives your leg a comfortable walk and saves your carpet from wear and tear.

4. Not all carpets are the same

The carpets that look similar aren’t brothers from one mother (we mean, not the same)! It holds true if you’re requesting quotes from various retailers on different products. As it is rightly said, compare apples with apples; if you compare it with oranges, then that won’t make any sense.


There’s no doubt that most of the carpets’ designs and colours look similar, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the fabric would be the same. So how to compare prices? Ask the dealer to send the quotation of the same material – nylon with nylon, wool with wool, and so on. Plus, have a close eye on the manufacturer’s warranty; if the carpet has a 10-year warranty and another 20-year, then they are not the same.

5. Guesswork will not work in size

Before you break your bank for a new carpet, it is good to take thefloor measurements. By doing this, you will get some idea of the overall expense which you are going to incur. Additionally, when you come back home along with new carpets, you should not feel disappointed after realising it is too small or big.

So, take any measuring equipment or tape, and decide the size of the area where you want to place the carpet. Tell the salesperson your calculated dimensions, and they’ll show you the carpet mat of that size itself. If you’re finding the calculation of the carpet size complex, then take a professional’s help.

6. Don’t get carried away with promotion deals

No doubt, getting a deal looks tempting and sometimes seems too good to be veracious, but don’t fall for it. Generally speaking, nowadays, a good deal is hard to come; all thanks to COVID-19 virus! So, whenever you watch advertisements for promotion deals like carpeting of your entire home at $199, merely think twice.


Companies hide some of their charges, which you come to know afterward. They offer you such deals to trap you in a fishnet. So, better be wise and avoid getting caught in their advertisements.

7. Choose – needs vs. wants

It is the biggest challenge from all the above factors. Whenever you go out to purchase a carpet, your mind and heart will struggle to come to one single decision. Your heart will pop up for aesthetic carpets, but your mind may lean towards qualitative ones. However, weigh all the factors thinking of your needs instead of your wants. Keep in mind:

  • Durability
  • Foot traffic
  • Stain-resistance
  • Mould and mildew control

8.Let a pro aid you for installation

We understand carpet itself is an expensive thing, and therefore, you might tempt to save money by installing carpets yourself. This step might put you in danger down the road. If you’re not confident about the installation in the complicated rooms and still want to go ahead with it, then we won’t recommend you to do so.

Carpet installers do their job every day and have all the tools and experience required to install the carpets properly. So, it’s better to take their help to get the job done.


If you’re planning to buy carpets for your home, then we hope the above-given information will aid you. You’ll be able to decorate your home successfully; we trust you on that.

Furthermore, most people think that buying a carpet is enough for your home. If you’re also amongst them, then let us tell you one thing; you are highly mistaken! They need timely TLC (Tender, love, and care), and when got stains over it, they’ll lose their beauty in no time. There are some natural ways to remove carpet stains, but proactiveness can save you. So, as soon as there are spills on the carpet, make sure you remove it with a damp cloth before it turns into a stain.

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