7 Best Games of 2022 You Need to Try

There is no doubt that 202 has been an odd year. The world as we knew it has taken 360 degrees rotation and even though it has been a few months, we are still trying to adjust to the changes. We all are working from home, there have not been many social gatherings, and there is no school. All we are left with is TV, the internet, long calls, binge-watching, and playing games online with our friends. If you have already figured out the provider that covers your area and works for you then you are among the lucky ones.

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Regardless of what the world has been going through, it has been an incredible year for the world of gaming. Partially because of the same factors that have made everything else go down. As the saying goes, “One man’s gain is another man’s loss. Many businesses may have shut down but gaming has indeed flourished. Along with games taking full benefit of the abilities of PS4 and Xbox One, the Xbox Series X and PS5 are coming out. The gamer in me just skipped a heartbeat mentioning this to you. Anyway, we have put together a list of the best games that have come out in 2022 so far that we highly recommend you try. So let us just dive right into it.

1. Horizon Zero Dawn

First released in 2017 on PlayStation 4, Horizon Zero Dawn was an instant hit in the world of gaming, and was recognized as one of the best games released that year. Keeping the success of the PlayStation 4 version, Guerilla Games have now released a PC version of the game focusing on a very different audience. So, even though this is not a new game it is still among the best ones out there, and now you can enjoy it on your higher-end PCs as well. Therefore, if you did not get a chance to enjoy this gorgeous game in the past years we recommend you give it a try now that you probably have the time as well.

2. Dark Souls 3

It may not be as hardcore as the other games we may discuss in this article but it is without a doubt a much-improved version of the Dark Souls 3 PS4 version. It has a complicated combat system and you will die several times before mastering it. However, its fantasy world’s bleakness will draw in both pro and casual gamers alike. The much better optimization will surely be something you will appreciate, which was missing in the first two games.

3. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Impeccable graphics, attention to detail, excellent peripheral support, intense level of realism, and immersion. What more can one ask for in a game? I cannot think of a more fulfilling gaming experience than this. I can guarantee that once you lay your hands on Microsoft’s Flight Simulators it will not be long before you become a die-hard fan. However, you need to keep in mind that this game is not for everyone, but for all the flying fans and flight simulation fanatics out there, you will deeply appreciate the dangerous yet beautiful locations and the iconic vehicles.


4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Like a bottle of fine wine ages beautifully with time so is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is still one of the best open-world games that have ever been made, even after years of being released. It is a jam-packed game with an unapologetic scale and amazing depth. With its wonderful record of accomplishment over the years, it may not only be the best open-world game but also one of the best video games of all time.

5. Control

Control has taken the world of gaming by storm and it is not hard to see why. The Remedy Entertainment team has paid such attention to intricate details, creating a fully cinematic game with an inspiring environment, staggering visuals, and incredible performance. The action-adventure provides a combat experience to satisfy your thirst and the aforementioned specifications give you plenty to love about it. So what are you waiting for? Let the downloading begin!

6. Monster Hunter World

One of the best PC games of all time that is available to gamers all over, Monster Hunter World is the latest release by the Monster Hunter franchise. You may not know this but Monster Hunter is one of the biggest gaming franchises that had been dormant for a while but much to several gamers’ relief, has been revived with Monster Hunter World. A simple yet rewarding game, it lets you become a monster hunter and kill meaner and bigger monsters as the game progresses. You are also able to acquire improved armor for yourself as you move ahead in the game. An immersive, addictive, and fun game to play with your friends or siblings, Monster Hunter deserves to be among the top priorities of your video game buys.

7. Death Stranding

Does the name Norman Reedus ring a bell? Does the mention of Death Stranding have your attention? Then get ready for a treat my friend. Even though there are big names attached to the game, for example, Lea Seydoux or Mads Mikkelson, several other aspects of the game are gaining all the attention. An apocalyptic United States scenario has always grabbed the attention of the masses be it movies, TV series, or games. This game is doing the same! Reminiscent of the current pandemic, it offers an amalgamation of bandits, terrorists, weird creatures, quests through the apocalyptic US, and incredible visual and sound quality.


Whatever your gaming style maybe, or your preferred game genre maybe, if you are a gamer who likes to try new things then the above-mentioned games are worth a try. I assure you will not regret the time well spent and the memorable fun that you will have.

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