5 Effective Ways Cycling Can Help You Stay Healthy

Covid-19 has become an exceptional health challenge for many people like authorities and healthcare practitioners. It is also critical for making lifestyle adjustments as well as taking preventive measures which can help cover the threat of this disease. Not only does it entail practicing social distancing and taking enough disease-prevention measures but there should also be better management of all kinds of chronic diseases considering the linkage between high Covid-19 mortality rate and health conditions like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, and many more.

Cycling could be a useful strategy in such a pandemic to control this disease. Most of the doctors are giving advice to do some exercise like cycling as it ensures social distance and also good for health. Here are five effective ways cycling could help you stay healthy.


1. Improves lung health

Covid-19 is such a disease that affects your lungs and harms their functioning. All people including the healthy patients as well as who have recovered from this disease should involve doing exercise for boosting their lung capacity.

Exercise that could make you quite breathless works effectively for your lungs. Cycling helps getting deep-breaths for a constant period and enables good health of the lungs but it is only possible if you practice cycling daily. Some cyclists experienced 5 times less contamination than the drivers who sit inside their four-wheeled vehicles.

2. Boosts your heart health

Patients who are suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke or cardiovascular ailments are at the risk of getting affected by any diseases or complications easily and they may even die due to such conditions.

If you pedal your bike regularly for at least 30-45 minutes in a day, it could help improve your heart health through strengthening your heart muscle and improving blood circulation in the cells that may reduce the risk of getting any kind of heart disease. Moreover, it lowers your blood pressure that protects you from stroke, hypertension, etc. Some studies have proved that cycling is good for heart related conditions.

3. Keeps blood sugar under control

Cycling is a helpful way to keep your blood sugar level under control. Better sugar level and diabetes management could reduce the risk of complications that are related with diabetes. People who have diabetes, could get affected by Covid-19 easily.


Practicing cycling daily controls the sugar levels and reduces the risks of Covid-19. Diabetic patients suffer less blood circulation and flow especially to their lower body. Doctors recommend cycling over walking for everyone to stay healthy as it could reduce pressure on our feet. Moreover, 45% risk of cancer could be reduced by it.

4. Promotes weight loss

Cycling could be effective to lose weight. But it is possible only if you ride about thirteen to fifteen miles in one hour that burns around 500-600 calories. If you continue cycling in this way, you would be able to burn 4000 calories in a week and this means about 2-pound weight loss. Moreover, cycling sparks physiological and metabolic changes which could also burn carbohydrate and efficient fat per day.

When you are riding, a fat-shuttling enzyme that is called lipoprotein lipase or LPL would go into higher gear and remains high for about thirty hours after you have stopped cycling. If you get stronger and fitter, your BMR or basal-metabolic rate would go up when you burn calories only by living. Thus, this type of exercise or workout could boost this rate to keep this up permanently. This results in fat loss and your body organs would stay healthy and reduces the possibility of other diseases.

5. Improves your quality of sleep

It is difficult to overemphasize the importance of proper sleep and your brain and body heal when you take rest. Without proper sleep, the hormone levels like stress hormones would increase and lead you towards overeating that results in overweight and lowered immunity as well as mood disorders.

Researchers found after 16 years of research that the people who sleep five hours at night are likely to gain more weight. On the other hand, those who sleep seven hours are at less risk of this situation.

Cycling could provide you quality sleep after a long ride or exercise. It could prevent insomnia by riding 20-30 minutes per day. They take less time to fall asleep, so their sleeping hours’ increase.

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