The 7 Most Useful Tips To Keep Your Car Secure

You may have heard the random advice “Don’t fall victim to car theft”. All of us know it is easier said than done. But the simple advice has a hint in it and that is you can do a few things to prevent car theft. If you are not paying attention to your car safety, you are attracting potential thieves.

In the last 5 years, the number of stolen cars has increased by 50%. If you were lucky and yours was not one of them, you are doing something right. Or was it sheer luck? Only you know the answer to this question. But you can always take crucial steps to secure your investment.

Here are the 7 most useful tips to keep your car secure.

1. Keep Up With Car Locks

A lot of car thefts are associated with damaged or worn out locks. It is easy to break into a car when the lock is already damaged. Hire reliable auto locksmith services as soon as you find a faulty lock. It is not only important for your comfort but makes your car secure. The cost of hiring a locksmith is always lower than getting a new car. Right?

2. Keep The Car Locked

This may seem a no-brainer but unlocked cars are the most vulnerable. When you get out of the car for a few minutes without locking it, you are presenting a golden opportunity to car thieves. A lot of car owners consider this as a hassle but think about the consequences. Locking the car door will not feel a burden anymore!

3. Turn Off Key Fob When Not In Use

Car thieves have also adapted to the evolution of technology. Modern cars are equipped with programmed locks and keys.


Thieves hack the system and open the car locks which is also known as “relay theft”. The junkie guys lurking around your car may be the ones manipulating your car locks, you never know.

 It is best to turn off the key fob when you are not using it. You can also buy special wallets that block the key fib signals and eliminate the chances of relay theft.

4. Get A Steering Wheel Lock

Steering wheel locks have been used for years. The simple lock can protect your car like nothing else. You can buy the wheel lock at affordable prices. This is the old-school mechanical device that does wonders to stop high tech car crime. There are various styles and sizes available. Check all the available options before making a purchase. Your auto locksmith can also guide you about the best products.

5. Etch Your Car Windows

Car thieves rarely keep the cars with them. Their main intention is to sell it. If you want to protect your cat it is important to put yourself in their shoes. Now imagine you are about to sell an anonymous. T car windows are etched with the registration or vehicle identification number. Will that be easy? In most cases, it is impossible. Make the deal difficult for the thieves and get your windows etched with these important details.


6. Get A Dash Cam

The camera is always a good deterrent for thieving. Invest your money in buying a dashcam. They can be programmed to start recording as soon as the car moves. Most of the thieve avoid touching such a car. It is best to connect the cameras with cloud storage so you don’t miss out on any details.

7. Invest In Mechanical Immobilizer

Mechanical immobilizers are very efficient tools. They literally block any movement when you are not near the car. Consult an affordable auto locksmith for advice.


There is always room for improvement when it comes to car security. For most people, the car is one of the major investments. You can use mechanical immobilizers to protect your investment. Explore the market to find the latest car protection tools. A few simple rules can minimize the chances of theft such as keeping up with lock repairs and turning off the fob when not in use. You can always consult a car locksmith for the best advice.

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