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Condo Living: How to Decorate Your Bedroom

Your home is your go-to place to retreat and recharge for the next day. One place that plays a significant factor in your relaxation is your bedroom. A bedroom should be a place you look forward to returning to after a long, hectic day. Designing your bedroom allows you to be creative and use your own style to make sure that it becomes cozy and functional, according to your liking. One can also include their office workspace in their bedroom when remote working.

However, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start when there are tons of options out there for bedroom accessories and design. Whether you’re an aspiring interior designer or just want to exercise creativity, here are some tips on designing your own bedroom.

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Tips On How To Decorate Your Bedroom

1. Decide which style or design to go for

Nailing down a design or style for your bedroom will help you decide on the color schemes, furniture choice, accessories, and décor since you already have a clear idea of what you want your bedroom to look like.

For instance, you can opt for a muted color palette if you want your bedroom to appear serene and calm. You can also choose wallpapers to add life to boring, dull walls. As for the layout, consider the amount of natural light you want inside your room and organize your home furniture according to how much space you want in your bedroom.

2. Research furniture and plan for furniture layout

Space matters a lot in every bedroom. Once you have chosen the style and design, consider the area you want and the type of furniture to place inside your bedroom. The bed is most likely your main piece of furniture in the room, so whatever size of the bed you choose will determine how you organize your bedroom.

However, if you have the space, consider adding a bedroom chair to add variety to your resting space. For example, a hanging chair can work well in small areas because it doesn’t take up floor space and can flow freely. Other essential pieces of furniture are nightstands and storage for clothing like dressers and armoires.

3. Layer the lights

The right balance of natural and artificial light is essential in decorating a bedroom. You can put sheer curtain panels to maximize the natural light inside the room. Likewise, if your room is too bright during the day, you can invest in blackout curtains that block any outdoor rays to relax and have more privacy.

Other lighting options include a table lamp/s for your nightstand/s and dresser, wall sconces, strip lights for some flare, and dimmer switches of smart light bulbs so you can customize your bedroom and create a cozier effect by bedtime.

4. Add “cozy” touches

You spend most of your time in the bedroom sleeping, so you should make it as relaxing and cozy as possible. While the bed may be the biggest item in your bedroom, you can balance out the visual softness by adding one or two more “cozy” things so the room doesn’t look and feel overly harsh and uncomfortable.

Window drapes, area rugs, or plush throw blankets are good ideas to spread the “softness” in the room. Suede lampshades, wool pillows, and soft brown wicker furniture contribute to a cozy bedroom. You can layer netted curtains underneath thick, dark curtains to add warmth to the room.

5. Invest in quality bedding and throw pillows

The bed will always be the room’s focus, so you might as well buy good quality sheets and throw pillows to give you the utmost comfort. Try to get more than one set of sheets in case of spillover. The right mattress, pillow, super light duvet, and comfortable topper can make a lot of difference to your sleep quality.

Add throw pillows that you can replace easily with the seasons or as your style changes, and make sure to have crisp, good-quality linen too. If you prefer cotton, choose bed linen with a high thread count (300 or more) and a bed linen maker that’s fully transparent with their manufacturing source.

6. Don’t forget bedroom flooring

You would want your bedroom flooring to be comfortable for your bare feet, as it is a particularly intimate surface. It’s the first thing you step on in the morning and the last thing you walk on before going to bed every night. Bedroom flooring should also be attractive, durable, low maintenance, and suit your personal style.

Carpet is one of the popular choices for many bedroom designs, but solid wood flooring is also a great choice. You can add a rug on top so it can still be warm underfoot. If you are on a tight budget, try laminated or vinyl flooring, or pick something that can replicate woof convincingly.

tips to decorate your bedroom

7. Personalize with bedroom décor

A couple of finishing touches from the room’s owner complete most bedrooms. Usually, these finishing touches are the owner’s personal taste and budget. Maybe you want to add a stylish rug, spruce up with plants, or display photos of friends and family to personalize your bedroom. Style your accessories and use various colors and textures to improve the space.

If you want your bedroom to feel like a sanctum where you can relax, a window seat, a loft, or just a comfortable chair will serve as your nook. Other bedroom décor can include elaborate trays and practical and aesthetically pleasing storage, placing items into a specific area to keep things looking neat and orderly.

8. Add fragrance

The fragrances, combined with the colors and textures chosen for the space, can produce a cozy mood for any room, especially for your bedroom. Your bedroom is a very sensory area. Since it’s a room associated with relaxation, choosing a fragrance that induces the same feeling can help tie the room beautifully. 

Prioritize Your Comfort

When designing your bedroom, always remember that your comfort comes first. Bedroom designing trends in 2023 are lovely, but you don’t always have to follow them and keep up with the latest bedroom accessories, layouts, and furniture. Ask yourself what you want and what design and structure appeal to you.

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