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5 Ideas That Will Transform Your Ornament Sales

The holidays are a time for festive cheer and dazzling lights, where gifting ornaments will be the best option. But how will you distinguish yours from the many glittering trinkets and increase sales? The power of presentation, rather than just the decoration itself, holds the key to the solution. You can use custom ornament packaging to empower the presentation game of your luxury pieces.

Here are 5 original ideas to improve your packaging and see a dramatic increase in sales:

1. Unleash Packaging’s Storytelling Power

More than just decorations, ornaments are treasured mementos that inspire feelings and convey tales.  Make the most of the packaging’s ability to further that story. How do you do it? You can use titles that evoke strong feelings and a picture. Telling a story instead of just listing the contents is also a good idea. Give a brief explanation of the ornament’s design and its inspiration. Whether it is a handmade ornament or a machine, it tells the story of the creator.

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Plus, think of attaching a tiny tag or card that can be personalized to add a personal touch to your product. The note can be about the presenter’s feelings or a wish for a special event for a loved one.

2. Presentation as a Replica Gift

Packaging should be an experience in and of itself, not just a means of safeguarding the decoration. It is a lovely box that has eco-friendly substances. Customers’ awareness of the environment is growing. Therefore, you can use box plantable seed paper, natural textiles, or even recycled cardboard for construction.

You can get rid of those dull cardboard flaps for an elegant touch and add fabric ribbons, attractive tags, or wax seals.  Plus, make a quality printing investment that goes well with the concept of your decoration. Try exquisite fonts, festive hues, and eye-catching images like snowflakes or sparkling lights.

3. The Display’s Power

A sales tool in and of itself is the ornamental box. Clear-view panels will allow clients to see the beauty of the ornament without opening the box. This works particularly well for designs that are visually striking. You can also use hanging or tiered shelving to accentuate your presentation. Customers can view multiple ornaments at once with this option.

On the other hand, offering ornament sets with a theme or recommending pairings with other holiday decorations could inspire customers to design a unified holiday display, which could boost sales.

4. Welcome to the Digital Age

Packaging ought to be consistent with your web presence. You can attach a QR code to the box that points to product videos, high-resolution pictures, or even a touching narrative about how the ornament was made.

The use of a distinctive hashtag encourages customers to post pictures of their ornaments or adorned trees on social media. This has the potential to become viral and increase traffic to your online store.

5. Customization Is the Upcoming Fashion

Individuals adore having something unique designed specifically for them. You can customize your ornament packing to allow clients to add names, dates, or brief notes to ornaments via an online form.

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Provide options for gift packaging, such as pre-made wrapping or the ability to include a customized gift tag with your order. You can also try interactive packaging apps. Create a mobile application that lets users virtually “unwrap” and digitally customize ornaments before making a purchase.


These innovative packing techniques will help you turn your ornaments from commonplace decorations into treasured treasures with a backstory.  This increases sales and creates enduring relationships with your clients, assuring them that your brand is associated with joyous occasions and treasured recollections. Recall that generating magic is the true meaning of the holiday season, not just exchanging gifts. Allow your ornamental packaging to serve as the catalyst for that.

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