how to access hidden job market in canada

Understanding Canada’s Hidden Job Market – Essential Tips

Finding desirable employment and financial security is crucial for newcomers to Canada. It is possible to increase your chances of success by tapping into this untapped labor source with Express Entry draws. To gain access to the hidden job market, you can research companies that are open to hiring newcomers, perfect your LinkedIn profile, network, and attend events.

Networking and increasing your visibility to prospective employers can also be accomplished by using job boards, attending job fairs, and joining professional organizations. The initial step in constructing a resume and cover letter that emphasizes your capabilities and qualifications is to identify organizations that are willing to hire newcomers. You can also demonstrate your value to the organization by having a positive attitude and being willing to learn. In Canada, newcomers can access the hidden job market with the right strategies and resources.


An overview of Canada’s hidden job market is given in this article, along with reasons why it is beneficial to access it. A guide on how to tap into this hidden job market is also provided for newcomers.

Canada’s hidden job markets – What is it?

In all forms of media, unpotting’s or unadvertised job postings are referred to as “secret job markets.” Newcomers often overlook opportunities for employment that are not advertised on online job boards, corporate websites, or social media.

Covert job markets rely heavily on referrals to fill vacancies, as opposed to the open job market. It is common for employers to search their own networks, including internal employees and colleagues, for top prospects with backgrounds similar to their own, or to deliberately seek out candidates from competitors. In fact, some companies may already have in mind the best candidates even before the position is advertised. An organization may not formally create a position until the right applicant shows up to fill a need or skill gap.

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Benefits of accessing the hidden job market in Canada

According to estimates, 65 to 80 percent of Canadian jobs are hidden, so it is essential for newcomers to tap into this market. As newcomers position themselves to gain access to these hidden jobs, they have an advantage over others seeking employment.

1. Before jobs are posted online, they are filled

You might not be considered a serious competitor if you discover a job advertisement online too late. Because employers often seek referrals from multiple sources before posting the job publicly, which can take weeks or even months, such as current employees, recruiters, industry rivals, and personal connections. The hiring decision is typically already made once an ideal candidate is identified, although the job posting may still have to be made public to fulfill company policy or legal obligations.

2. Employers prefer referrals from trusted sources

Many employers choose to hire through their networks since recommendations have a certain degree of confidence. Applicants who can personally and professionally vouch for their abilities, work ethics, and qualifications are likely to be evaluated more confidently and openly by employers than those who know only their résumés. Because of this, a well-written CV delivered by referral may not be as thoroughly scrutinized as one that is sent directly through a job board. Having a heartfelt referral can give you an advantage even before your initial meeting with the boss.

3. Ignore the ATS round

When you establish contact with an employer through a professional referral, your resume often gets sent directly to the hiring manager, bypassing the need to apply through the company’s online application portal. This approach reduces the likelihood of your resume being screened out by the company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which rejects many resumes.

4. More job opportunities

A newcomer could find more positions through the underground job market than through job fairs or job portals if he or she uses the underground job market. Untapped labor markets can offer a wealth of opportunities, but proactively learning about available positions can be difficult since there is no way of predicting how many they will offer. Online job listings in Canada are limited, so you can apply for more than what is listed there.

Tips for tapping into Canada’s hidden job market

It may be necessary to adopt a different approach to job hunting in order to reach the hidden job market’s vast range of employment opportunities. Expanding your network and engaging actively with it are essential to uncovering opportunities in this market. Here, we will introduce you to a variety of methods to help you find a fulfilling job in Canada by accessing the hidden job market.

1. Reconnect with your friends and family

You may not have a large network of contacts when you first move to Canada or when you first arrive. You may not know which organizations your current acquaintances are associated with, especially since many have international opportunities. If you have school alumni, former colleagues, or friends or family members in Canada, you might want to reach out to them. Ask them if they have any opportunities that match your qualifications and expertise, or if they can put you in touch with somebody who can. Ask whether they are willing and able to refer you to the recruiting manager if the organizations they work for are hiring or anticipate doing so soon.

2. Make your LinkedIn profile shine

Networking and job searching require a LinkedIn profile. It is important to ensure that your existing professional and personal brand accurately represents what you wish to convey to potential employers. Update your profile based on how you want to be perceived.

3. Develop a strategy for networking

To maximize the benefits of your job search and career trajectory, it’s important to have a clearly defined networking strategy. Focus on the specific role you are seeking, including details such as the industry, size, and culture of the company. Find key contact people in the employers you want to work for, such as recruiters, hiring managers, and employees in your field. When you are actively seeking a job, meet four to five professionals each week. LinkedIn is a great place to meet these contacts, and you will see the results soon.

how to access hidden job market in canada

4. Explore other avenues for networking

Connect with people outside of LinkedIn to expand your network. If you want to find in-person networking events, consider industry-related conventions and career fairs, as well as business organizations. Find out which groups might be relevant to you by doing your research, such as local writers’ groups, women in business associations, or young professional meetups. By making new contacts, you’re more likely to hear about unadvertised job openings. By attending these events, you can also get a more relaxed introduction to Canadian workplace customs.

5. Utilize volunteer and survival opportunities

Never underestimate the value of volunteering, as it is a great way to display your abilities, expertise, and hardworking attitude. Aside from sharing your professional ambitions, it can also be used to find out what job openings are available before the general public is notified. It is still possible to expand your network and gain insight into job openings that have not yet been publicized by finding a job that does not seem related to your current career path. Always keep a positive attitude and be ready to present your elevator pitch.


For Canadian permanent residents looking for work, tapping the country’s untapped labor market can be a useful tactic. In order to find potential job openings that are not publicly publicized, job searchers can benefit from developing strong networks and actively engaging with them. It’s crucial to get in touch with previous coworkers, alumni, acquaintances, and family members to find out if any employment openings match your qualifications. Permanent residents of Canada can improve their chances of landing a rewarding job that fits their professional goals by taking advantage of the hidden employment market.

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