5 Reasons You Should Still Use Business Greeting Cards

In many ways, the business world has shifted from traditional ways of interacting with clients and has taken a majority of their marketing online. While it is important to dedicate some time and consideration into your company’s online presence, it is not a good idea to completely throw out all other forms of communication, such as sending business greeting cards in the mail.

It may be easier and less time-consuming to simply relay messages and capture the attention of customers using impersonal methods, such as social media, but these attempts are not always successful in creating and retaining a strong client base. Here are five reasons your business should still be sending out business cards throughout the year.

1. To Grow Customer Loyalty

While the E-card industry has certainly seen growth in the past few years, there is no question that a physical card received in the mail makes more of an impact on customers than an email or digital method. People understand that there is a lot of time, money, and effort that goes into choosing and customizing a greeting card, personalizing a message, and sending it in the mail. Customers are much more likely to continue doing business with a brand that they feel values them as an individual.

Additionally, it is easy for businesses to fall into the trap of being so focused on building their client base that they forget to direct some of their efforts towards retaining the customers they already have. This mistake can lead to customers easily being swayed toward another business that offers similar services or products, especially if they feel a sort of emotional or personal connection with that brand.

On the other hand, taking the time to send your clients an occasional greeting card, including birthdays, Christmas, and other major holidays, puts your brand at the forefront of their mind. As long as they feel an attachment to your company, they are likely to remain a loyal customer for years to come.

2. To Increase Chances of Being Read

Your customers are constantly being bombarded with advertisements and marketing ploys any time they take a step online. Whether dealing with pop-up ads at they browse the web or sorting through an email inbox full of promotional content, people learn to quickly avert their attention from marketing content or to ignore these messages completely.


Even if you put together the most sincere, personal message, if you send your card over the web, there is a good chance that the letter will remain unopened. A greeting card, however, is sent straight to a person’s door. Paired with the right envelope and addressed to the customer personally, it is much more likely the recipient will open the card and receive the warm message you are trying to send.

3. To Reflect Your Company’s Values and Personality

Every interaction you have with a customer is a unique chance to give them better insight into who you are as a company. Sending a greeting card is a great way to further instill the reputation you want as a company.

By customizing the business card and crafting a unique message that you contribute to, you can portray your brand as humorous, sincere, trendy, or however else you want to market your brand. You’re already taking time to reflect who your company has set out to be by simply sending a card in the first place.

4. To Build Your Client Base

Greeting cards are a useful tool for quickly creating a relationship with an individual who has come into contact with your company. Even if a person hasn’t yet done business with you, sending a greeting card makes your brand stand out and will encourage the potential client to look further into what you have to offer. You can use business greetings cards as a warm marketing attempt, which includes reaching out to people within your sphere of influence.

5. To Reach People Who Aren’t Tech-Friendly

While it can be easy to assume that everyone in today’s world is tied to their technological devices, there are still many people who are unfamiliar with modern technologies or choose to live without these devices.

In fact, there are individuals in your client base who may not even own a smartphone or computer. Sending out a greeting card to people who fall into this category shows individuals that you still care about them even if they do not have a strong presence on the web.

Final Words

Business greeting cards are a useful marketing tool that you should always have on hand, and sending a customer a letter in the mail is a great way to show your thanks and appreciation for their business. Customize a business greeting card that is sure to make an impact in more ways than one by shopping at Cards for Causes today.

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