Ways to Travel Safe During a Pandemic

5 Ways to Travel Safe During the Pandemic

Your upcoming vacation may be extremely necessary, but making it safe may be tough. Whether you’re planning to visit family or headed to the beach for the holidays, keeping folks safe both in your clan and at your destination will take careful planning. Here’s how you can travel safe during the pandemic:

1. Monitor Virus Levels at Destination

As COVID variants crop up, your destination may experience a dangerous bloom of the virus. Current studies indicate that if you have received your vaccination and allowed the necessary two weeks, you may still be at risk for catching the variant. If any members of your family are at particular risk for a dangerous reaction to the virus, you may need to isolate them at your destination.

To keep an eye on virus levels at your intended destination, review data as published by the county. If you’re headed to a rural area, you may find that there’s a big bump in infections in nearby cities, but the numbers in rural areas are not that bad. Take care with your stops for food and gas to avoid cities struggling with increased infections.


2. Road Trip

If you’re packing up the kids and the car to head to the home of a family member, take care in the two weeks before you travel to avoid carrying the virus across state lines. When you get on the road, make sure you have options to stay self-contained. Mask up for bathroom stops, pack sandwiches and snacks, and consider hitting a drive-thru instead of sitting in a restaurant for a hot meal.

Carry plastic bags for easy and proper discarding of masks outside the car after a bathroom stop. Use gloves to pump gas and has the adult pumping gas discard the plastic bag with all the disposable masks and gloves at the end of a pit stop. Keep hand sanitizer you can apply before you touch the steering wheel. Finally, remember to keep a window cracked when you get back on the road; the tight, enclosed space of a car is an ideal space to bounce around the virus if someone picks it up inside a rest area.

3. Rent an RV

If you are concerned about risks at a motel, consider renting an RV at your destination. In an RV, you avoid time in an elevator and other common areas. You can also prepare your meals in your RV and skip the risk of restaurants.

You may not have a lot of experience driving a large vehicle or towing a trailer. Consider renting from a large RV rental group and paying the extra fees to get the RV delivered and set up at your destination. Drive right to your rig and enjoy the chance to socially distance in comfort.

4. Go Camping

Another good way to meet up with family and friends without spending a great deal of time shut up together is to go camping. Of course, if you are traveling to a cold country to meet up with family members, you may need to meet up elsewhere to stay warm and comfortable.

The pandemic has led to increased interest in camping. You may be able to find an RV park that offers

  • RV sites for rigs of all sizes
  • RVs for rent
  • cabins for rent
  • tent sites

These set-ups make it extremely helpful for everyone to find shelter that suits their needs.

Ways to Travel Safe During a Pandemic

5. Isolate in Style

Many of us have not had a vacation out of our homes for far too long. Consider making your holiday vacation a lifetime event by booking a private jet charter that will take you exactly where you want to go in style and safety.

To extend your holiday celebration and maintain isolation, consider hiring a private yacht at your destination. For example, you could fly to Page, Arizona, and rent a houseboat for a private, calm break on beautiful waters.

Recent world events have a lot of us feeling very stressed out. A vacation may well be in order. To protect your family and the folks you come in contact with along the way, carefully monitor your health and the conditions along the way. Plan your trip to avoid viral concentrations and allow extra time to route around hot spots.

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