puppy preschool training

Simple Guide to Preschool Puppy Training

When you are teaching your puppy the fetch game, it is necessary to keep him pleased as well as interested by giving him eatables like cookies etc. which are tasty. At this tender age the puppy may not be in a position to appreciate the praise showered on him by the dog owner. The importance of praise is yet to be embedded in the chalkboard of the puppy’s mind and until this time it is advisable to reward them positively with tasty foods.

Simple Guide to Puppy Training

In the opinion of some of the trainers, the puppy preschool training must get into the puppy’s head and not in its stomach. This is a valid statement; but you should remember that this is only a game and also you are handling a young puppy. This sort of enticement we do even for children.

You should ensure that the puppy gets everyday at least three fetching games of duration 10 minutes each and this should be given for three consecutive days. In addition you should also take the puppy for a ten minute walk on the leash each day. While they are involved in these games you should slip in two more commands which the puppy is unaware of. These commands are “come” and “sit”. Before completion of the games your puppy would have got well-versed in these commands.

puppy preschool training

When the puppy is being taught the retrieving games he will fetch the toy from a distance and come to you. At this time you should put your left hand on the puppy’s back and press down and place your right hand under his chin and press upwards. You must apply only a light pressure and command the puppy to “sit”.

Once the puppy gets into the sitting position, shower him with warm and enthusiastic praises and throw the play toy out again. After the puppy returns with the toy you should not praise him until he obeys your command for sitting. In case they wriggle out from your hold and refuses to sit properly you should ensure that neither you throw the toy nor praise him. Also you should not give up hope.

Always Remain Positive

While training your dog you should not think on negative terms such as “he just won’t do it” or “he won’t let me”. You should bring back the puppy using the leash and make him get into a sitting position by commanding him to “sit”. You should finish the fetch-sit game by rewarding him with tasty eatables.

Before completion of your third fetch-sit session you will find that you need not apply much pressure on the puppy’s back to make him sit. You also may have to take a 10 minute walk on leash for days four to seven; everything will be the same as in previous days except that you may have to take with you four eatables. You must ensure that these eatables can not be seen or smelt by the puppy as you take him outdoors.

One of the important parts of socialization training of the puppy is its routine daily outing. When the puppy is ready to go for his daily outing you must take the eatable from your pocket, bend down to the their level, call the puppy by his name and command “come”.

At this time you should slowly pull the them towards you using the leash. Give him a cookie or any other eatable he is fond of and also shower as much praise as necessary. By doing this you are impressing on the puppy that praise and reward go hand in hand.

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