5 Top Methods to Find More Followers on Instagram in 2022

Instagram is an app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone that allows users to share and upload photos to the Instagram community or social networks. Getting more followers is necessary to increase Instagram at your discretion, but getting started can be difficult. Here are the top methods to get more followers on Instagram and increase your social presence:

Method 1: Participate in GetInsta community

GetInsta is a community and you will get more free Instagram followers if you participate in this community. A lot of Instagram users are gathering in GetInsta community to follow and like each other, so you can get real followers here free of charge.  By joining in GetInsta, you can get free coins by following other users or liking other users’ posts. With enough coins, you can get unlimited followers and likes for your Instagram accounts and posts.


If you would like a more easy way, you can download this Instagram followers app, and then buy followers and likes with money in the latest version.


Method 2: Give likes and comments on pictures

Once you have started imitating a few people, take some time to like them and comment on their photos. Not only will this make you feel like other people, but they and other people will see your name or comment and then you will see your profile. If you stay active, this will ensure a steady stream of new followers.

Method 3: Reply to comments on your image

Engage with your followers to follow it. Reply to interesting comments and thank them for their grateful behavior. If your followers ask you an interesting question, take the time to answer it correctly.

Method 4 : Ask your followers questions

Use photo captions to ask your followers questions. This will make them comment so that your photo comment section will appear more active, which will attract more people to view your photos.

Consider doing a peak, for example, “Do you like this picture funny” or “Share your story”. Such an invitation will lead to a relationship with other people with your photo.

Method 5: Connect your Facebook account

Instagram is now owned by Facebook and you will lose a lot of potential followers if you do not link to both of them. All posts posted on your Instagram will be posted on Facebook as well, so your photos will be doubled. You can link your account to Instagram from the settings menu.


All the tips will take you some time to follow. In my experience, GetInsta would be the easiest way to get lots of free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes. Give it a try and found out by yourself.

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