how to reset a kindle fire

An Ultimate Guide On How To Reset A Kindle Fire

There will be times when you will see that your Kindle Fire is suffering from numerous errors. There could be many reasons for why that might be happening. For many reasons, there are various possible ways through which it can be solved as well.

One of the best ways is by resetting the Kindle fire.  But a normal user would question whether how to reset a Kindle fire. Well, there are two ways in which you will be able to able to reset your kindle fire.

Resetting is going to fix any of the errors that you might have been facing with your kindle fire. Well, when it comes to fixing the frozen kindle and all the small issues, a soft reset is going to fix it once and for all.

There are also some of the issues that might be difficult to solve. These issues won’t go away. To solve these issues, you need to reset the factory settings or perform the hard reset. These rest are really helpful if you are looking forward to protecting your data.

how to reset a kindle fire

So, there are two kinds of reset, that are soft reset and hard reset. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to reset the device.

Here is how you can perform a Soft reset:

When you are doing a soft reset it usually means that you are forcing your Kindle fire to restart. This must be the first thing that you must do when your Kindle is Frozen and is not at all working properly.

Before you are performing the soft reset, you need to attach your kindle into the wall outlet. There may be a case where a less charge might be causing this issue. After that press and hold the power button for at least 20 seconds.

This is going to get your kindle to turn off, whether it’s frozen or not. On various Kindle fire models, there is a traditional power icon on the power button. Make sure that you are continuously holding the button till you see that the screen goes off completely.

Allow your Kindle to charge a little bit at least for 15 minutes. If you think that your account is fully charged, then you can easily skip this step. If you think the kindle is not charging, then difficulty might be in the cable itself.

When you see that your kindle is somewhat charged, then press the power button to switch on the Kindle. Now you may proceed to check whether the kindle fire is working or not.

Here is how you can perform a hard reset

If you are having continuous issues with your kindle and with the soft reset you are unable to fix, then it is time that when you need to know How to reset a kindle fire with factory settings. Well, this is the way of hard reset and this is going to delete all your data from the kindle fire.

It will restore your kindle to its original state. It is among the best ideas if you are looking to sell your kindle or are looking to give it away. This is going to prevent all the private information from falling into the wrong hands.

After you are done with the hard reset make sure the issue is resolved. If you see that the issue is resolved, then it is fine. Check whether it is performing better or not.

If you still think that the issue is not yet resolved, then you need to get in touch with the official amazon services. They are either going to resolve it or will replace it if it is under warranty.

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