6 Tips to Design a Productive Workspace

Everyone has their own work routine that keeps them motivated, focused and relaxed. However, there are some ways to increase productivity even more and most of them start with improving our workspace. Read on and find out what we’ve picked for you.

1. De-clutter

Although some people say they function best in their creative mess, studies show that it actually makes most people stressed, disorganized and can, at times, be overwhelming. Clutter has the biggest effect on your focus and productivity.


It’s hard to concentrate on the task at hand when you’re surrounded by a distracting mess and half- finished projects. Try putting everything else on shelves and drawers and only focus on your current task. You may find some of the office gadgets as a big help and these items can really help you focus. You can’t know if it works for you too until you try.

2. Add greenery

This is a definite must. Plants in the workplace have numerous benefits on workers and many cost-saving benefits for employers. Firstly, greenery significantly reduces stress and creates natural and relaxing atmosphere. It also boosts productivity, concentration and helps with difficult cognitive tasks. All that results in reduced number of mistakes and workers finish their projects faster and more accurately.

Plants have the ability to absorb CO2 and they improve air quality in the workplace, which results in better focus and motivation. Plants also absorb extra moisture from the air, and filter out dust and bacteria, which results in less sick-leave days and better productivity. The need air conditioning and purifying is also reduced, which mean lower electricity bill for the employer.


The perfect ratio is one plant per three workers, and you can get some low maintenance plants that grow well in office conditions.

3. Relaxing music

This is a matter of personal preference, but many studies show great benefits of music in the workplace. Some people just can’t work well with music and need silence to concentrate, and that’s ok. It costs you nothing to have vinyl records and play some instrumental or ambiance music and see how it affects your productivity. Music, in general, lowers stress and boosts creativity, so give it a try. Just be considerate and wear headphones so you wouldn’t disturb your co-workers. There are many ways you can relax during your work day and especially relax after you’re done with your tasks.

4. Get the right furniture

Most office jobs require a lot of sitting, so high-quality furniture should be your top priority. There are many office furniture options that can do miracles for your posture and general health, so try different models and see what best suits your needs. Discuss the benefits of proper furniture with your boss or you can invest some of your own money and get yourself a decent chair.


5. Fresh air

Poor oxygen level results in bad focus and poor morale, and it makes you sleepy and tired. Stale air causes headaches, fatigue and many respiratory problems and complications. Give yourself a lot of fresh air, keep the air circulating and even invest in some air purifiers. You’ll feel more vigorous and ready to show them what you got. You need to do everything you can to get through your work day and stay focused.

6. Natural light

If you can choose where you work, choose a room with plenty of natural light. Natural light makes the best lighting for many tasks and it brings new energy into your workplace. So, always remember to lift the blinds and let the sunshine in.

Parting Shot

You must remember that these are only suggestions and little tricks to better your work environment, and you shouldn’t force anything that doesn’t work or you. If you like blasting Metallica through your headphones or work best surrounded by empty cups of coffee and post-its, so be it. It’s important to make your office comfortable and relaxing for you and you will soon be the employee of the month.

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