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Factors Influencing The Price Of Prefabricated Steel Structures

Choosing a pre-engineered metal structure can be an excellent solution due to its affordability, durability, and ease of construction. A prefabricated steel building can cost you anywhere between $15 to $25 per square foot. Some of the perks of selecting a steel structure are:

  1. Low maintenance
  2. Bear heavy loads
  3. Low insurance premium
  4. Long lasting structure
  5. Sturdy built
  6. Resistance to compression, bending & tension
  7. Versatile structure
  8. Fast assembly
  9. Quick installation
  10. Resistant to rot and decay
  11. Pest proof
  12. Long lasting structures

… and much more. Cleaning your steel building is pretty easy. All you need is a hose attachment or pressure washer at its lowest setting. That being said, the price mentioned is merely an estimate. The actual metal building prices vary due to multiple factors. We have listed down some of them for you.

factors affecting prefab steel structure price

Factors That Affect The Price Of Metal Buildings

We will further divide this into two categories. Metal building prices that you can and can’t control. This will help you design a steel structure that is well under your budget.

Here Is What You Can Control:

1. Size

When you buy steel, you are buying weight. So, the larger the structure you want, the more cash you need to shell out. However, you must bear in mind that the cost per square footage goes down with the size of the building. For example, a 30×31 garage will cost $18.65 per sq. ft., a 42×31 garage will cost $16 per sq. ft., and so on.

A helpful tip here would be to go for length rather than width. This will save you some money as a long steel structure requires less steel support structure than the width. This will reduce the cost of your steel building.

2. Complexity

Additional features such as gutter, downspout, insulation, its type, ventilation, etc., elevate the metal building prices. The best cost-cutting solution here is to choose the necessary option, such as insulation and gutter. The rest can be tailored to your location and your steel building purpose.

The more complex your building design will be, the more it will cost you. So, avoid unnecessary expenses if you are on a budget. Again, choosing length over width for the same square footage area can further reduce your metal building prices.

Many manufacturers these days offer a 3D design tool that you can use to draw your metal structure, and some even offer augmented reality to help you visualize the building on your lot. So don’t forget to check it out.

3. Personalization

Customization of your steel building will depend upon how you are planning to use it. If you want it as a storage unit, you can skip vents, extra windows, etc. If you are choosing it as a garage, you can skip extra windows, skylights, etc. If you are planning to use it as a parking, you can skip the concrete foundation.

The customization of your steel building is subject to your specific needs. If you live in a place that has heavy snowfall or extreme weather, you can opt for 12-gauge steel posts for extra strength. If not, you can go with the standard size, i.e., a 14-gauge steel post.

Common personalization includes extra doors, windows, vents, skylights, etc. These must be tailored to the purpose of the building. Having too many windows in a steel building that is going to be used as a storage unit is a waste of money.

Remember, the more personalized structure you want, the more you will end up paying for. You can also customize the external appearance of your metal structure by using various facade options. If on a tight budget, you can skip it or opt for an affordable one, such as stucco or brick veneers.

4. Site Foundation

Your intent of use and local building codes determine which foundation type you should opt for. You can choose your steel building base type from the following options.

  1. Simple leveled ground
  2. Dirt and gravel
  3. Asphalt
  4. Concrete

The prices of the foundation will vary with its type and local labor charges. For a leveled ground, you can DIY. For setting up a concrete slab, you may need assistance. Again, if you just want to use your metal building for parking vehicles, a dirt and gravel foundation will be a good option. You may need to pour concrete to use it as a home office, storage unit, or gym.

5. Delivery and Installation

This one depends on which metal builder you have chosen to buy from. Some builder offers delivery & installation without any extra charges. So, check out their website or call the customer support team to know more about additional costs that you may have to pay.

The next thing that comes with installation is the time needed. The more time it needs, the more labor charges you will have to pay.

prefab steel structures

Here Is What You Can’t Control:

1. Price Of Steel

The first thing that is out of your control is the global supply & demand for the steel. Unfortunately, the steel market fluctuates from year to year. However, the good news is according to Grand View Research, the US iron and steel market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.1% from 2023 to 2030. That indicates, apart from small fluctuations in the market, steel prices are not going to come down any time soon.

The next thing that indirectly affects the price of steel buildings is fuel cost. This is due to the cost of transportation of steel and other raw materials.

2. Certification

Areas in America subjected to heavy snowfall and high-speed winds often require certified steel structures. You can find out about it in your local building codes or HOA rules.

This certification acts as proof that your structure won’t get blown away with a gush of wind or collapse. It might be a danger to you and your neighbor if it happens.

3. Buying Power

The purchasing power of customers can affect the price of metal buildings. Purchasing in bulk and being a regular customer may help some people negotiate steel prices from the builders better than others.

4. Location

Partly out of your control is the location where you live. Of course, you can’t change your land or your area. Your site determines delivery costs, labor charges, labor insurance, etc.

Overall, It Is Evident That…

When buying a steel building, your design strategy and selection of materials play a crucial role in determining the overall cost of your structure. The analysis presented above is to guide you in setting a budget according to your needs.

We hope you get an idea of how to determine metal building prices and the factors that affect them so you can use them to your advantage.

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