40x60 metal buildings

40×60 Metal Building With Living Quarters

Easy to install and speedy construction is all it takes to build a metal structure as a living space. It needs low upkeep and can be easily remodeled for other purposes. But why choose metal if there are traditional options available? That’s what we will find out in this blog. So, let’s begin.

Reason Behind Choosing 40 x 60 Metal Building

The average home size in the US is 2500 square feet, which is close to 40 x 60 square feet. This can serve as a primary home for people who are looking for an alternative to expensive traditional homes and who don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on annual maintenance.

So, a 40 ft. wide and 60 ft. long metal structure with a height of 10 ft. is an ideal size for living space for most Americans. You can opt for a taller structure of up to 40 ft. This can make the interior feel more open and spacious. A high ceiling also gives an option for natural lighting and to add clerestory windows.

Features Of 40 x 60 Steel Buildings For Living Quarter

Certifications: An engineer-certified metal structure can withstand heavy snowfall, high-speed wind, and rain and hail. This will protect the interior from harsh weather conditions.

Steel Gauge: The industry standard for the frame is 14 gauge, and the panel is 26 gauge. This is suitable for most residential buildings. But if you want a sturdy structure with certification, you can opt for a 12-gauge frame and 22- to 24-gauge panels.

Note: When you buy steel, you buy weight. If you choose a 22-gauge panel instead of a 24-gauge panel, you will have to spend a little more money on your project.

Anchors: Since the 40’ wide metal building is to be used as a living space, it is best to have more anchors. This will ensure that the structure is firmly grounded in the foundation. Larger structures generally have concrete bases, so concrete anchors would be used in this case.

Color: Adding colors gives life to your steel building. You can choose colors for the roof, trim, side wall panels, and wainscot, or a monotonous color. Some metal builder offers matching colored screws keeping in mind the aesthetic of your living space.

Roofing Style: Corrugated vertical metal panels are best for roofs of large metal structures. That’s because they have perpendicular ridges that aid falling water & debris to side off the panel quickly. The less time debris is in contact with the panel, the less the chance of rusting. These panels also need less cleaning.

Wainscoting: These are generally made for aesthetic purposes. They improve the visual appearance of your home and protect walls from damage. They can also increase the value of your property.

Doors + Windows: These can be customized according to the client’s needs. You can have multiple windows of different styles and doors that are larger but allow more light to enter.

Lean-To: You can add lean-tos on either side of the building to create shaded space that can be used for parking or as a patio.

40x60 metal building with living quarters

What Goes Into Designing A 40 x 60 Steel Building?

First, identify your needs. Do you need living space as an office, a guest house, or a primary home? This will let you choose the perfect size according to available space. Once decided, you can design the floor plan and create sections for bedrooms, bathrooms, storage cabins, and living rooms.

After getting the design approved by the local authority, you can begin by laying the foundation and utility lines. Then, buy the building and hire a construction crew to do the remaining job. Once the metal building installation is complete, you can add drywall, wallpaper or paint, and furniture for the finishing touches.

Steel Buildings Are A Suitable Alternative To Traditionally Expensive Living Space

1. Easy Maintenance

40 x 60 metal buildings do not need very high upkeep compared to a timber-built living space. They are virtually maintenance-free structures. Invest in high-quality steel from a reputed seller and enjoy a carefree living.

For Cleaning, Wash the entire structure with water and mild detergent once or twice a month. Use a soft bristle brush to remove stains or minor rusting.

2. Low Bills

Metal buildings can be designed to be energy efficient. Insulators reduce heat flow inside the building, and vents minimize the risk of moisture buildup or excessive humidity. This makes the HAVC system work efficiently and reduces energy bills.

3. Assembles Quickly

Prefab steel buildings are mass-produced in factories. They are pre-cut and drilled, so assembling takes less time. This saves both money and time. In addition, your structure is ready to use within a few days.

4. Affordable Installation

Metal structures do not need large machinery or extensive labor for installation. This reduces the cost of labor and the chances of accidents on site. Once installed, they demand less time from the owners.

5. Open Floor Plan

Another advantage of a metal building is the option to go clear span. There are no internal support columns or beams that create hindrances, so you have full freedom to design the floor plan as needed.

6. Defends Against Elements

Steels are well known for their durability. They are noticeably resilient and require less frequent repair or replacement. Unlike wood, which is prone to warping, bending, twisting, and decaying, metal does not show any sign of stress from pests, mold, or mildew.

Applications Of 40 x 60 Metal Building As Living Quarter

  • Guest house
  • Metal building home
  • Steel barndominium
  • Log house/ cabin
  • Office area

You can also use these buildings as storage space, workshops, auto repair shops, garages, horse barns, warehouses, or to store farm tools, machinery, and vehicles.

Considering All The Facts

A 40 x 60 metal building can make your garage cum home the most cost and energy-efficient investment. You can check reviews before buying it online. Make sure to comply with all legalities, such as following building codes, HOA rules (if applicable), and permits before you begin any construction work on your lot.

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