Ways to Make Money from Your Wide-Open Space

How To Make Money From Your Wide-Open Space

There are ways and means of making money out of wide-open spaces. Some require a lot of input and hard work, whereas others are, after the initial installment, a lot more passive. However, there may well be a rental fee that will need to be covered before you can class all income generated by these passive incomes as yours.

Solar Farm

If you have a wide-open space (or lots of roof space on barns and outbuildings) with plenty of daylight, you can install a solar farm on your land and sell the electricity that is generated to utilities to produce an income.

Solar panels are mounted on poles that run north to south and tend to have tracking systems that allow the panels to move east and west so that they can follow the sun to get the maximum amount of daylight which they then convert into electricity.

solar farm


Choosing to move into the horticultural sector and supply food is a noble cause, however, you will have to carry out your research into what type of product you are going to plant. If you are looking to plant crops in the fields, you will have to remember that you are reliant on the correct weather for your crops to be good. If, however, you are thinking of installing greenhouses on your land, this could be a different game entirely.

Indeed, installing Ultra-Clima Greenhouses on your land will mean that you are totally in control of the environment that your plants and crops develop in. there are also other big benefits to having an Ulta-Clima Greenhouse for your crops, including high production level, reduced water consumption, and maximum food safety to mention just a few.

hiring a professional garden landscaper

Wind Farm

If your land is in an area where the wind is abundant, you may want to investigate setting up a wind farm. Of course, if you are unsure of how wind farms work then there is literature to read but, simplified, wind turns the blades which subsequently generate electricity.

Ways to Make Money from Your Wide-Open Space

You make money from a wind farm very much in the same way that you do from a solar farm – by selling your generated electricity to utilities. However, unlike solar panels which can be located close to each other, you can only have one wind turbine within one acre (or more depending on the size of the turbine) of land. This is so the wind turbulence created by one turbine does not interfere with another one’s wind feed.

To Wrap It All Up

If you are looking for a low-maintenance way to make money from your land, and it is situated in an area that gets a good amount of daylight throughout the year, you can install some solar panels and become a solar farm.

If this does not appeal, or you are more interested in growing and caring for plants, then there is the opportunity of creating a horticultural space whether it is planting outside in your fields or making use of the available technology in greenhouses.

If you find that you have a lot of vacant land in a windy area then you may think that operating wind turbines to generate electricity, as well as your income, is more what you are interested in.

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