how to make your wedding ecofriendly

9 Easy Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Wedding Celebration

Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life, but with discarded paper products, leftover food, and flowers put in the trash, it can also be one of the most wasteful. We’re not saying you should miss the party or forgo those lovely touches. Still, if you’re environmentally concerned and want to decrease the environmental impact of your event, there are lots of tiny modifications you can make that will have a big impact.

Organizing a green wedding does not have to be more difficult than planning a less ecologically friendly event. Sustainable wedding ideas abound these days, with more eco-friendly wedding décor on the market and greener alternatives for food, invites, and other services.

Organizing a green wedding does not have to be more difficult than planning a less ecologically friendly event. Sustainable wedding ideas abound these days, with more eco-friendly wedding décor on the market and greener alternatives for food, invites, and other services. According to Erica Jill Razze, owner of environmentally aware wedding planning firm Capiche Events, you may even go green before the big day by selecting a sustainably sourced engagement ring.

If you want to organize a more environmentally responsible wedding, we’ve compiled a list of 9 eco-friendly wedding ideas that will inspire you to do some good for the earth on your big day.

1. Propose With Estate Jewelry

You may also change your approach to choosing a ring with little or no environmental effect by going antique. Instead of going to your local jeweler, try reusing or recycling a beautiful vintage ring that is both distinctive and eco-friendly.

Propose with a family treasure or look for a one-of-a-kind item from an estate jewelry store. You can even melt down the gold and refine it—yes, that’s a thing, and it’s sustainable—or put an existing diamond in a new ring.

2. Shop Sustainable Diamonds

Track the sources of your diamond or gemstones while selecting your engagement ring and wedding rings. You don’t want to unintentionally utilize a blood diamond—a smuggled diamond used to fuel a civil war—as a symbol of your eternal love (we’ve all seen the Leonardo DiCaprio film).

The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme is an excellent resource for monitoring your stones, but you could also ask your jeweler if they are committed to conflict-free jewels.

Though it may appear counterintuitive, lab-created stones can have a lower environmental effect, according to Razze. “Moissanite is a rare, naturally occurring mineral that is lab-grown, so no mining is involved in the manufacturing process,” she explains. “It is not environmentally damaging, and it is not engaged in any conflict trade.”

ecofriendly wedding preparation

Stones that need fewer resources to mine, such as salt-and-pepper diamonds, are another excellent option. Finally, Razze suggests looking at businesses specializing in socially conscious jewelry, such as Charles and Colvard.

3. Choose Eco-Friendly Invitations

As wedding suppliers grow more environmentally concerned, it’s simpler than ever to discover invitation suites printed on recycled paper or made from alternative materials such as repurposed textiles, leather, and wood.

When shopping for stationery, look for firms that give back to the environment. Paper Culture, for example, plants a tree for every purchase received.

Print invitations, programs, and menus on seed paper for the most environmentally friendly stationery. Seed paper is a biodegradable substance that, when planted in soil, grows into flowers. Botanical PaperWorks provides a whole variety of bespoke plantable paper products, so you’re sure to discover the ideal fit for both your wedding and your garden.

how to make your wedding ecofriendly

4. Create an Eco-Friendly Registry

Do you live an ecologically aware lifestyle? Register for products that will help your goal and keep sustainability at the forefront of your thoughts. Your visitors may join in the excitement by browsing your register, and your promise might even inspire them.

You’ll receive an abundance of adorable stainless steel straws, silicone cupcake liners, and metal tea bags. You may also purchase at stores that support environmental efforts, such as 1 percent For the Planet and B-Corp, or at their foundations, such as REI’s Force of Nature.

5. Opt for a Charity Registry

If monetary presents aren’t your thing, consider including a charity register as part of your wedding planning. This enables you and your guests to give to causes near and dear to your heart, particularly charities dedicated to environmental or animal welfare.

There are several options: The Good Beginning provides charity registries that benefit a range of programs, and the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree in each guest’s name while supporting causes such as rainforest rescue and outdoor education.

If you and your spouse already live together and don’t need to register for goods like cookware, linens, and domestic décor, a charity registry is a great choice.

6. Pick an Eco-Friendly Venue

What is the simplest method to host an ecologically friendly wedding and reduce the carbon footprint of your event? First, choose a ceremony and reception location that values environmental stewardship.

You may look for hotels and event venues that have LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications as well as Energy Star ratings. With so many gorgeous venues turning green, you won’t have to lose flair to be environmentally conscious.

7. Marry in the Great Outdoors

You might also choose an outdoor area. This is a beautiful way to be one with nature on your wedding day: a lush forest, rolling hills, or a lovely vineyard are all beautiful places to say “I do.” Booking a wedding at a national park helps support its protection, and many beach fees include money for cleanup initiatives.

You’ll also save energy by reducing the number of lights you’ll need—thank you, sunlight! What’s even better? All of the natural light will make for stunning photos.

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8. Look for Built-in Decor

Why bring in decorations when your location already has them? When booking your ceremony and reception locations, search for venues with features that complement your wedding design.

This will save you money and resources for the environment—talk about a win-win situation. In addition, wineries provide picturesque settings, botanical gardens provide immediate floral décor, and greenhouses seem lush and verdant without the addition of cut blossoms.

9. Be Conscious of Floral Arrangements

Botanical centerpieces are the most popular, and flowers are undeniably attractive. Unfortunately, however, newly cut plants are not suitable for the environment. Fortunately, there are excellent eco-friendly wedding alternatives—and you don’t have to forego the flowers completely.

Consider using potted flowers, like orchids or spray roses, or plants, such as herbs and trees, that may be reused at home, on a patio, or moved to the garden after the event.

If you’re going with cut flowers, look for seasonal blossoms produced locally, like the bride depicted, who carried a bouquet of native Montana flowers for her Wild West ceremony. Razze advises looking for ecological florists online.

Many collaborate with small local farms or cultivate flowers themselves, minimizing the need to carry blossoms at great distances. (For instance, many roses are produced in South America and shipped to the United States only for weddings.)

Think about how you’re hurting the environment.) Some florists will even compost your greens after the wedding, so be sure to inquire about the alternatives so that you can make suitable preparations.


Eco-friendly wedding preparations do not mean to give up on decorations and have a plain party. You can have all the advantages like a regular wedding. All you need to do is to opt for some organic and sustainable tools while arranging your party. We have a significant mark on the environment without proper consent, especially at the time of events. Therefore, from now on, let us take a few steps to save the planet.

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