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4 Advanced Drain Cleaning Methods You Should Know About

While many plumbing issues start small, they can quickly escalate into serious problems if they are not resolved quickly. Drains can also clog for many reasons, including dirt, grease, plants, toiletries, and/or hair getting stuck inside a drain pipe. Blocked drains may also be caused by broken pipes or subpar pipe installation and could require drain cleaning services.

Even a heavy rainstorm can cause pipes to become blocked in severe cases. Here, we will look into some advanced drain cleaning methods to help you resolve plumbing issues in record time.


1. Motorized Drain Snakes

Drain snakes are often used by plumbers to eliminate pipe blockage issues. They are highly effective drain cleaners that can reach into the deep recesses of drainage pipes to remove the blockage culprit.

There are different drain snakes to choose from, including toilet augers, flat tape snakes, manual cable snakes, and power snakes. Manual cable snakes are the simplest of all of the snake variants, and a basic manual snake consists of a cable that has a hook attached to its tip.

Flat tape snakes are narrower than manual cable snakes and are usually designed to push debris downward instead of extracting it. Power snakes are more powerful than their manual counterparts. They use motors to remove the blockage so that the user does not have to use any elbow grease.

Finally, you can use a toilet auger if your toilet is clogged, as they are made with rubber and plastic covers so that they do not scratch the toilet bowl, and are made with very flexible cables.

Snakes are effective, simple, and affordable but may break off in some cases and may not be able to clear clogs or grab certain materials. They may also leave some debris in certain instances.

2. Air Burst Drain Cleaning

Airburst drain cleaning is an alternative to using snakes to remove clogs. They use accelerated gas to generate sufficient force to disintegrate clogs, which will cause the clog to dislodge and pass through the pipe. However, airburst drain cleaning is meant to be used only for a single application and cannot be used to clear serious clogs that have formed in the sewer drains.

Airburst drain cleaning is quite effective at eliminating small to moderate clogs and works faster than other unclogging methods, such as a chemical drain cleaning.

Airburst drain cleaning will also not leave any scratches or marks on your pipes, meaning many people turn to an air compressor to unclog their sinks. To do so, you will need to plug the apparatus into a 100v outlet and then apply pressure to eliminate the clog.

You will also need to remove as much standing water as possible from your sink using the handy container. You will then need to affix the wand fitting to the air compressor and insert the entire wand into your drain. If the wand is unsteady, you can stuff the drain with some discarded rags to keep it steady.

You will then need to squeeze the wand’s trigger and keep it pulled for a few minutes to get rid of the clog. Afterwards, remove the rags and apparatus from the drain and perform a  water test to check if the drain has cleared.

You may need to repeat the process if the drain isn’t completely cleared. Once the drain is cleared, insert the stopper and then fill the sink to the brim. Next, dislodge the stopper to drain the water and repeat the process twice or thrice to ensure that the clog is gone for good.

3. Hydro-Jetting

Hydro-jetting is a popular method employed by plumbers to remove difficult clogs and clean sewer and drain lines using highly-pressurized water. Hydro-jetting also has many benefits, such as being able to eliminate difficult clogs via water only.

It is also eco-friendly and will clear the entire drain instead of simply a small section. However, drain lines that have been obstructed by a very serious issue cannot be cleared by hydro-jetting. Another downside to hydro-jetting is that it may be too potent for weaker and older pipelines due to the high-pressure water that is used.


4. Drain Cleaning with Advanced Plumbing

As can be seen, drain cleaning services are of the utmost importance if you want to avoid serious blockages and broken or burst pipes that can wreak havoc on your plumbing system and your wallet.

There is also an advanced solution that can be used if you have a pipe or sewer problem but are not certain as to where to start excavating. Video pipe installation is a pragmatic geo-location apparatus that can quickly identify blockages, cracks, and leaks in a highly accurate manner.

To do so, video cameras that use fibre-optics are utilized to check inside the sewer or tube line; instead of the conventional method of digging up the entire pipe length to identify the issue.

It is also highly advisable to use a local professional drain cleaning service, as they are safer than taking the do-it-yourself route. Professional drain cleaners in Toronto will go above and beyond merely clearing your clogged drain or sewer lines. They will also inspect, identify, and repair other issues that may cause problems in the future; such as fractures, rust, leaks, and wear and tear.

Calling a professional drain cleaner will also prevent future clogs. This is because they will use job-specific equipment and tools to eliminate all clogs and clog-related problems in one go and provide you with advice to keep your drains clog-free in the future.

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