hiring a professional garden landscaper

10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Garden Landscaper

A landscaped backyard makes a big difference to your home. It enhances the exterior by connecting colours and textures. Harmonizing with the interior is important as it makes your home appear more spacious. Your yard is like another room where you can entertain your friends. But creating your own landscaped paradise takes a great deal of time. If you’ve not done landscaping before, you’ll probably make many mistakes. The easiest way to achieve the best results is to hire a professional garden landscaper.

1. Expert Advice

Many backyards have troublesome areas. They might have large trees causing an obstruction or soil that’s hard to cultivate. Even worse, your yard could have a severe slope that restricts the design. But when you appoint a garden landscaper, you’ll receive valuable advice and expert guidance. A professional garden landscaper has had years of training and experience in solving backyard problems. He or she will know instantly what tips and tricks to use to make your plot look amazing.

2. Planning the Future

When experts design your backyard, they’ll do a thorough job. They’ll discuss your ideas and find out what kind of backyard you dream of. Your landscapers will draw on their experience and suggest schemes they know will enhance your space. When they have made notes about the ideas, they usually make sketches and a detailed plan on paper or transfer it to a digital software program. Drawings are usually made to scale so you can sense the proportions involved. You’ll then be able to see what your backyard might look like.

reasons to hire professional landscaper

3. Essential Preparations

A professional landscaper knows the secret of establishing a great backyard is meticulous groundwork. Any debris leftover from when your home was built or renovated will be removed. Excessive amounts of stones or boulders will be cleared. Even the roots of dead or overgrown bushes are usually removed. The quality of your soil is something they’ll adjust. Nutrients make a significant difference in how your plants grow. Your professional landscaper is sure to add environmentally-friendly soil conditioners.

4. Organizational Skills

If you do your backyard, you’ll probably carry out tasks in the wrong order. But a professional knows that you should do some tasks before others. Installing permanent features such as hard landscaping should be done before planting. Installing a pergola or decorative pathway is much easier without having to avoid new plants. If you long to have a pond for fish or wildlife, it makes sense to dig out space before adding plants. Putting in cables for water fountains is always best completed early on in your landscaping schedule.

5. Choosing the Safest Materials

A professional garden landscaper knows how the material for pathways and decking performs. It saves you waiting to find out if you’ve made the wrong choice. Using the most suitable material for your yard is a combination of what looks attractive and how safe it is. The United States Environmental Protection Agency publishes information about the use of creosote and alternative wood preservatives. A professional landscaper will be aware of the hidden dangers and know which products to use to ensure your decking is safe.

6. Avoiding Hazards

It takes a long time to transform a backyard on your own. But when you have professional assistance, the project is usually finished on schedule. A substantial task such as installing a perimeter fence is a simple task for a professional team. Livelearn.ca highlights the hazards gardeners often face through impatiently lifting heavy objects and straining muscles. You can avoid gardening hazards by leaving the heavy work to professionals who are accustomed to such work.

7. Affordable Budget

Transforming your backyard into a beautiful garden can be expensive if you’re wasteful. But when you have your garden landscaper, they’ll work out all the costs before they start. They know exactly how many plants, boulders and fence posts your yard needs. By giving you a detailed summary of what’s required, you’ll be aware of how much the finished project might cost. Using a professional garden landscaper helps you stay within your spending limits.

8. Suitable Plants

Plants can be very particular about where they want to put down roots. According to the Royal Horticultural Society, ferns love to be in the shade while flowering annuals usually prefer to be in full sun. Novice gardeners often waste time and money when plants fail due to not understanding their requirements. Professional garden landscapers are trained to know where each plant will thrive. The best conditions will help your plants reach their full potential and turn your backyard into a beautiful display of flowers and foliage.

9. Regular Maintenance

Every landscaped backyard needs to be regularly maintained. Trimming plants and removing weeds is an endless chore. Lawn maintenance can be particularly time-consuming. Areas of grass require a weekly trim to keep them in good shape. Weeds and moss need to be raked out regularly otherwise the roots of the grass can become starved of oxygen and moisture. Professional garden landscapers usually offer a regular maintenance service. They’ll take care of all garden chores such as lawn care, weeding and pruning, leaving you more time to relax and admire your yard.

hiring a professional garden landscaper

10. Fast Results

Mature gardens have a great variety of plants blending into each other. The bushes have grown tall and they’ll give the backyard a cosy, relaxing atmosphere. But a mature garden takes years to develop. Professional garden landscapers use their skills and knowledge to create a framework of larger, evergreen plants to give your yard an instant sense of maturity. Then they’ll fill in the spaces with tall, fast-growing plants such as buddleia davidii.


With the help of professional landscape gardeners, your backyard can be planned to include your favourite features. Expert gardeners can save you money as they have the essential skills to encourage plants to thrive in the most suitable locations. They will also be aware of the latest safety measures regarding the use of chemicals in your yard. As professionals, they’ll work quickly and help your garden establish itself effectively. An article by ScienceDirect.com states how gardening is beneficial to your general health. By leaving the difficult or repetitive chores to a landscaper, you can save time, money and energy. Then you’ll truly enjoy the benefits of a beautiful backyard.

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