Kraft Paper Roll

Kraft Paper Roll- A Popular Choice for Businesses

Kraft papers as the name implies are used in making different kinds of craftwork such as card making, scrapbooking and even flower crafts. Kraft paper is a coarse brown paper that is used for wrapping packages. Paper bags are also made from this type of material. It can be bleached to various lighter shades varying from brown to white. Kraft paper is available in sheets or paper rolls.

Kraft paper rolls are environmentally friendly and are used in many industrial and commercial applications. These are durable and withstand industrial pressure. It is used in packaging operations for wrapping the products, bundling and void filling to help in protecting products.

Kraft paper roll is also used for covering flooring to prevent it during remodelling. During construction and painting, Kraft papers can easily be applied on flooring to prevent it from spots and stains.

Kraft Paper Roll

Properties of Kraft Paper

  • A normal Kraft paper has high tensile strength that means it can withstand the stress of breaking easily and are relatively coarse. These are designed for packaging products with high demands for strength and durability. Compared with plastic and glass for packaging there is not much difference in strength.
  • In food-grade, Kraft paper can be recycled and reused. The natural brown colour of Kraft used for the packing of food makes it look warm and nostalgic.
  • You can get creative with Kraft papers. Personalized Kraft paper food packaging can promote the transmission of brand ideas. Such packaging often gives people a unique visual effect, and easy to attract consumers’ attention.

Types of Kraft papers

  • Natural Kraft paper: It is a low-cost clean fibre ideal for printing. Its application includes wrapping, surface protection, pallet interleaving and carrier sheets.
  • Black Kraft Paper: This is primarily used for picture framing and artwork. The paper is smooth on one side and textured on the other. It can be used for a variety of different display projects.
  • White or bleached Kraft paper: This is double-sided Kraft paper that undergoes a treatment using bleach and other chemicals to whiten and purify the natural Kraft pulp. Through this process, the paper becomes stronger than traditional brown Kraft paper.
  • Yellow Kraft Paper: There are two kinds of yellow Kraft paper; one is pure bright yellow, that is, refined Kraft paper. The other is a double-sided yellow Kraft paper with stripes. Both these types of paper belong to high-grade Kraft paper, the price is relatively expensive.

These are the few properties that you should know about Kraft paper. Packaging Express supplies high-quality packaging materials UK, including with Kraft paper rolls.  It has a great quality at affordable prices.

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