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How to Spot Fake Leather in 5 Simple Steps

Items made of leather are a class separate from any synthetic fiber because of their rich, rich, and elegant finish. Today, numerous synthetic leather materials are accessible in the market sold at a low price. Some items are made only to some extent with pure leather however are marked as ‘authentic leather’ or ‘made with genuine leather. These are vague terms used by advertisers to deceive buyers.

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you in spotting or detecting the real or fake leather:

1. Read Label

Reading the label is quite a decent beginning. It should be true to make the case of being leather; however, ‘genuine leather’ doesn’t mean it is the best quality. ‘Full-grain leather’ is all that you can purchase.

However, if it states, ‘made with full-grain leather’ it may suggest that piece of the thing isn’t full-grain. It isn’t phenomenal for couches to utilize Pleather on non-contact surfaces, for example, the back.

Be careful about any item that doesn’t profess to be genuine leather. You can check the label of your real leather jacket and compare it with another one. In case it is marked as ‘artificial material,’ it is certainly synthetic leather. Yet, if it remains silent by any means, there are chances that the producer needs to hide the fact that it isn’t genuine leather.

how to spot fake leather

2. Touch and Feel it

If the item feels unnecessarily smooth or has a plastic vibe, there are chances that it’s fake. Genuine leather is also commonly less reliable on the surface since it is regular and harder to control. If you start feeling genuine leather, it will help you detect the fake.

Flaws, in leather, are something to be thankful for. Keep in mind, genuine leather is produced using animal skin, and accordingly, each piece is just about as arbitrary and extraordinary as the animal it came from. Regular, even, and comparable grains regularly show a machine-made piece.

3. Check its Smell

Smell the leather, looking for a stale smell rather than a plastic-like or synthetically. In case you’re uncertain of the smell you’re searching for, head into a store that you know sells genuine leather and test out a couple of packs and shoes. Inquire as to whether they have any synthetic pieces and smell those too.

Even more, when you know what you’re searching for, the smell contrasts will be unmistakable. Fake leather typically resembles vinyl and synthetic compounds, while genuine leather has this particular scent of leather and animals. It will be useful to check the smell of genuine leather and false leather every time.

4. Make it Wet

Genuine leather is a natural breathing item, so while a vigorous material, it absorbs water. Drop a bit of water on a real leather jacket, as genuine leather absorbs water. If the product is fake, the water will essentially puddle up on top. But, genuine leather will absorb a little drop of water in no time. Leather will absorb it over a couple of moments yet fake ones won’t.

spot fake leather

5. Compare the prices

Know that genuine leather products are not often really cheap. An item made of genuine leather will be very costly. They normally sell at fixed costs. Shop around and figure out the cost of genuine leather, semi leather, and synthetic leather items to comprehend the difference between them.


These were the few tips that will help you differentiate between a fake vs real leather product. If you want to buy some genuine leather products online, then you can check out the website of Karahub. They sell amazing & top-quality products made with genuine leather. They also sell the best jackets for men.

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