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5 Top Reasons to Use Foam Inserts For Your Boxes

Do you remember opening the box following a move to discover a fragile item that was damaged? The delicate objects took a beating during the relocation. If they’re not well secured, they could slide and cause damage to products. They are available in standard boxes as well as custom solutions. These inserts provide the best protection for delicate products while highlighting your brand’s image.

A few considerations will help you when designing if you plan to create custom foam inserts to fit an item you’ve designed.

Weight and Fragility

The weight and the fragility are the primary aspects to consider when creating the ideal cushioning for your boxes. There are times when you’ll be working with light and delicate products such as pens or hearing aids. In terms of the foam used to make the item, the best choice is polyurethane. It is a good choice since it’s designed for delicate items which weigh little.

When dealing with 70lbs of brakes for aircraft, you’ll likely require an extra robust option inside and out. Customized polyethylene foam inserts, which are durable, dense, and suitable for more oversized items, are a feasible alternative.

Positioning Requirements

The sales staff is meeting with the medical professional to promote his implant for the spinal cord. The contents inside the case could become damaged if the container is not designed with enough compartments for every product. Moving and handling can increase the risk of damage and lower professionalism.

Polyethylene is used to create customized foam boxes for positioning and cushioning. This dense solid foam is chemical and water-resistant, so it will not be damaged over time even with continuous usage. Foam inserts that match your designs can be placed according to the exact dimensions of your set of products and can be easily removed to display.

Brand Opportunity

Your product packaging design should be the first step in your brand’s story. Please take a look at the packaging of a medical device manufacturer looking to update its portfolio of internal medicine products. The professional rigid boxes are equipped with custom-designed foam inserts to protect the product within the box. The attractive design of the item is apparent from the inside.

Benefits of Custom Foam Inserts

The Advantages of Foam Box Inserts

There are numerous benefits to foam for inserts for companies, and we’ve listed some below. Foam is cut in different designs to match your products and protect the items from damage or scratches caused by tears or collisions when shipping.

Foam inserts were explicitly designed for your product and provided numerous advantages for your company. It can help reduce expenses by minimizing damage, improving the appearance of your products, and promoting professional and efficient packaging.

1. Excellent Protection

Incorporating a foam packing insert inside a folding bag or carton can provide the most secure protection your items will receive. It is highly effective in taking the shock and stopping movements, which keeps the product inside in a good state. The soft and sturdy polyether foam will keep glass items from retail items and intricate tools in safe and peaceful transportation. The protection throughout the entire process, starting from the point of manufacture until the end of delivery, is the primary reason to use foam enclosures.

advantages of foam packing insert

2. Custom Design

If you want to secure something and ensure it’s safe, it is essential to choose the appropriate foam cut according to accordance with your specifications. We offer foam that isn’t cut to order, but you can modify and cut your own or offer the stretch size. We recommend you avoid allowing the products to move since this could cause damage or breakage when there is enough force or impact.

We suppose you wish to have total assurance that your products or equipment are safe. In this situation, it is recommended to cut the foam to fit the dimensions of your items. It’s the most effective solution because of the amount of security it offers the product. A foam insert designed to suit the product looks attractive and helps keep items secure.

3. Save Money

In the end, using foam inserts as an effective packaging solution for your shipped products can impact the amount you pay for your business. Unprofessional packaging and using foam inserts or boxes that aren’t suitable or not suitable for the environment they’ll be exposed to could cause further harm and break objects when moving.

It’s a loss since the products do not make it into sales or need to be replaced. There could be negative results, like damage to equipment or equipment critical to the business, delays to projects, or demonstration kit samples damaged, which can decrease the sales potential. However, foam inserts can help reduce the risk of these problems, reduce costs, and save money over the long haul.

4. Fast Product Packaging

Unpacking and packing products are time-consuming but can be speeded up using foam inserts. As opposed to wrapping and arranging fragile goods before preparing them for transport, it’s simple to pack items using foam inserts specially made and designed specifically to hold a range of items. When it comes to packing and unpacking, time reduced by businesses can be a small benefit that could significantly impact your time and costs.

5. Extra Protection

To ensure that foam inserts function optimally, they must be fitted with a protective cover. The proper placement of the foam pads in bags or custom boxes will prevent any foam pieces from shifting and add a layer of protection so that the items are stored and moved securely. Cases with hard surfaces provide the most protection from the elements and safeguard your equipment or items when paired with foam.

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